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'HEY! This is no time for sarcasim!' I yelped.

'Oh just shut up Vic! Why can't you be shy right now and NOT talk while I'M trying to GET FREE!' She yelled at me.

I slid down further on the ground, 'Fine. Be like that.' I pouted.

There was something shuffling on the other side of the dark room that we was in..

'Ashley!' I whispered, frightened.

'Shut up Victoria!' She snapped.

'No serously Ash, there is something else in here.' I whispered harshly.

She snorted, 'Whatever.'

'I'm being serious!'

The shuffling noise sounded again. This time Ashley heard.

'Okay I believe you now.'

'I told you. But of course nobody listens to the freak, Victoria.' I snapped

Something yanked my hair.

'Ow!' I screamed

They pulled again, 'OH MY GOD ASHLEY I'M GETTING ATTACKED BY AN INVISIBLE PERSON! HELP!' I screamed at the top of my lungs.

The person that pulled my hair giggled.

'I heard a giggle Vic. Don't be fooling around!'

'I'm not Ashley! I'm not!'

'Then stop giggling and pulling my hair!' She yelled at me annoyed.


She gasped... 'Then who did?'

'How should I know Ashley!'

'I... I don't know..'

'Look I know I am a 'dumb' blonde or whatever but we need to think of a plan to get out of here. I mean it. Father is going to be so mad if I'm late for Dance again.' I could feel myself panic.

Then it dawned on me...

Where was Erik? What happened? There was gun shots... Is that annoying body guard of mine okay? Why wasn't he here to save me?

I was breathing heavy.

'Are you okay Vic?'

I didn't answer..


No answer. Just heavy breathing.

'Victoria? OH GOD YOUR HAVING AN ATTACK!' She started flipping out.

She screamed trying to get someone's attention... Didn't work though..

Erik... Dead... Me... Never seeing family... School... The light... Getting married... Seeing Zeke... Father upset.. Mother's death... All came rushing at me at once.

'Victoria. I need you to calm down Girl. Having an anxiety attack.' She said trying to calm me down.

Erik... Dead... Me... Never seeing family... School... The light... Getting married... Seeing Zeke... Father upset... Mother's death...

'Vic. Please calm down honey!' She started panicing.

I got quiet slipping into sleepy mode.

So.. Sleepy... Sleepy...

'OH GOD NO!' She really started to panic.

'OH GOD SOMEONE HELP US I DON'T CARE WHO IT IS PLEASE! Victoria! Baby girl! Please don't go to sleep! HELP! PLEASE HELP!'

It got quiet.. I heard faint footsteps.

'Oh jeez, Lue, She is sleeping into a sleep.'

'Please! Please unlock these chains or whatever! Please! I need to comfert her!' she begged.

They were paused thinking..

A softer/ rougher/ commanding voice said, 'Undo her. Let her calm her. We can't let the girl go into a coma while we have them. We need that girl!'

When I woke up I was in yet another room.

I looked around.

Where am I? Where's Zeke? Erik? Father? Ashley?

Oh jeez...

The door opened, I sat up and saw a large male...

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