Azier ran across the rooftops of the sprawling metropolis, dagger in hand the fresh blood still dripping off the silver blade. He could hear the sound of the soldiers down below searching for him. Azier took fast, long strides across the buildings being careful not to fall. He stopped at the edge of a large bank; he surveyed the area to make sure no soldiers followed him onto the roof. Azier then turned his attention back to the bank. He stared at the water in the canal below; he stared into the depths and was barely able to notice the crossbow bolt flying at him. He quickly jumped through the window of a spire next to him. The bolt hit the roof shingles and detonated, tearing apart the area were Azier had just been. Believing the one who fired the bolt knew he was in the spire Azier moved into the middle of the room and looked for an alternate route out.

Azier was trapped, outside was a sniper and below him were trained soldiers. He cracked open the trap door that led to the room below. He was about fifteen feet from the second floor of the bank he could hear the sound of soldiers searching the rest of the rooms in the bank; it was only a matter of time until they looked in the tower. He backed up against the wall to look out the shutters of the tower. He looked out into the daylight from the dark spire; the sunlight burned his eyes as he looked across the skyline. He kept looking but found nothing until the fourth time he scanned the area he saw it. He saw the reflection of light from the scope of the sniper. Apparently the sniper saw him too because the sniper fired again this time with a standard bolt. It hit the shutters making Azier stumbled back and nock over an empty jar. It fell with a loud crash and all the commotion below stopped completely. The long silence was broken by the metal clanking of boots up the stone stairs of the bank.

Azier stood in the middle of the spire, the look of fear flushing all color from his face. The sound of metal boots stopped the foot of the latter and the sound of miniature steam turbines charging up. The noise grew louder and louder until it was ended by the loud screams of discharging steam and the crack of splintering wood. Azier felt an immense pain surge through him as he flew through the top of the spire; he slid across the roof as tearing up the shingles and slammed into the brick wall of another nearby tower. As he lie there a shadow rose out of the whole in the ceiling. By now all the civilians have run for cover but now soldiers swarmed the streets with the occasional sniper firing crossbow bolts in his area. Azier rose using the wall behind him for support, he felt a pain shoot through his leg as he put his weight on it.

His ankle was twisted almost ninety degrees to the right and a gash was forming a pool on the ground around his brown leather boot. He wasn't aware of the person in front of him but the familiar sound of steam turbines discharging steam brought him back to reality as a heavy ball connected to a chain rocketed into his chest through the wall into the next one behind him, he could hear a couple of his ribs crack and felt his lung collapse. He could hear the man in the armor laughing. He had a deep, ground shaking laugh that shook him down to his bones.

The chain began to retract back into the man's armor. Azeir whipped out his blade and put it through a chain just as it began to pick up speed. As he slid across the roof archers began to fire at him. He lifted his blade from the chain and continued to slide until he was under the man. His blade began to glow a bright red and emitted a black flame. Before the armor clad man could realize what was going on Azier plunged the blade through the armors knee piston and into the man's leg. He used the armor for support and took out all the pistons within seconds. Again the archers fired another volley of bolts this time of explosive bolts. Azier let out a sigh and grabbed the shoulders of the armor and spun the soldier around. Fifteen bolts collided with the armor, the man's eyes widening whether or not it was in fear or in realization of what has happened or both Azier did not care. The bolts detonated causing the bank roof to disintegrate and the man was vaporized instantly. Azeir was rocketed him across the skyline of the city and into the canal.

Azier drifted for hours. His skin on his face was either badly burned or missing all together but he was still wide awake. He felt his chest burn with every breath he took and his leg throb as his ankle had twisted almost another ninety degrees from the explosion and his left leg was now split open almost completely, his blood tainting the water. He could tell that he was no longer near the city; there were no buildings in the area that he could tell. He closed his eyes and finally blacked out all together.