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I slowly awoke in an unfimilar place.

I sat up quickly, before I remembered, that I moved. I looked around my new room, which was filled with boxes.

'Saya! Come on sunshine get up! You have school! Billy! Come on get dressed soon we don't want to be late!' I slowly got up and got dressed soon we was all in the car.

I pulled my long, black hair up in a ponytail, soon as we pulled up to the school.

Before I got out my mother grabbed my arm, 'Be very careful honey, Okay?'

'Yeah okay..' I got out and walked up to the building.

Someone pushed past me, 'Move it loser.' Came a loud squeaky voic. The girl walked inside and so did I.

I waled slowly to the office, 'Hello'

The lady looked at me, 'Who might you be?'

'I'm Saya Grace? I'm new here.' I said in a quiet voice, careful not to look at her.

'Oh hello! Here is your schedule for today. Welcome!'

'T-Thank you.' I stuttered walking out into Danger-land.

Someone ramed into me, 'Oh, oops, sorry.' said a deep voice. I stumbled and stood up straight.

I looked at the guy, he was tall, skinny, and he also looked like a basketball player. 'It's okay I guess.' I said and walked off quickly.

I walked to my class to find everyone in seats already. Since nobody offered me a seat I sat in an open seat by the window.

'Hello? Earth to person.' said a voice. I looked up to see a girl in front of me. She kinda looked nerdy.

'Oh sorry... Hi.' I said.

The girl looked at my hair that was in it's ponytail. 'Your hair is like really shiney.'

'Um... Thanks?'

'Kindra turn around.' Said a lady up front that I figured was the teacher.

Through out the day nobody talked to me besides that girl, Kindra. But that was fine with me.

At lunch, I picked a seat at an empty table away from everyone else.

Kindra came oer and sat down in front of me. 'Hey, I'm Kindra Stephens. What's your name?'

'Saya Grace.' I said pushing my food around on my tray.

'Oh well.. Welcome to Falling Heights! You like it here so far?'

'Um? Yeah I guess so..'

'I saw you got ran over this morning. And yes, he is a basketball player, a jock at that.' She laughed at that. 'Your quiet.'

Well thanks Camptain Obivious. Like I didn't know that.

'I prefer not to talk much. Attracks to much attention.' I looked out the window.

Relax, He isn't here. He won't get you..

Yeah right. I'm lieing to myself.

I sighed. 'Oh why?' I shrugged.

'I love your eye's they are so blue.'

'Thanks' I said looking down

Another person walked up to the table.

Great another person. Oh fun.

'Hey Kindra. What's up?'

I looked upand seen a guy with brown eye's and brown hair that fell into his eye's. 'Oh why hello there beautiful.'

'Back off Jake.' Kindra growled.

'Fine whatever. No girl in this school is ever going to take me anyways.' He pouted.

I snorted, 'Guy's these day's.' I muttered.

Kindra grinned, 'So where did you move from?'

'I uh, came from Californa.'

'Oh okay.' She sat back in her chair.

'Do you miss your friends there?' I paused at that question.

'I don't have any friends there.' I lied, okay maybe not lieing but still I only had one friend. Ashley. She was there for me all the time.

I pushed my tray away from me. 'Uh-oh queen bitch alert.' Jake whispered before a girl came up to our table.

'Hey new girl.' I looked up.

'Yeah?' The girl sat down

'Okay here's Falling Heights rules from I, Stacie.' She smiled, then got cold. 'Don't talk, or look at Trey. Don't touch him, stay out of my way. Get it? Got it? Good.' She got up and walked away.

Wow... I already got an enemy. And on the first day. A new record. I smiled a little on the inside.

'Well she was welcoming.' I said in a mocking tone.

Jake and Kindra laughed, 'Nice.'

We got up and left the lunch room, I went to my locker and put my stuff in it, taking my time. That was until someone tapped on my shoulder. I tensed up automatically and turned around.

I saw Stacie. 'Yes Stacie? What do you want?' She picked at her nails.

'I forgot to tell you to stay away from Taylor. You see, he's Trey's brother... And he's mine too. Okay?'

'Yeah. Sure. Whatever now get away from my locker.'


She stood up straight, 'Don't talk to me like that or else.' She sneered and stomped off.

I slammed my locker door shut and rammed into someone's chest, and dropped my books.

I bent down to get them without looking up or saying sorry. They helped me. When I stood up I noticed it was a guy that I ran into.

'I'm sorry.' I gushed out.

He was tallish, lean, had black hair, baby blue/green eye's.

'It's fine. And don't worry about Stacie. She can be a queen bee sometimes.' He handed me my stuff.

'Um.. Thanks.' I turned to walk off when he said, 'Wait.'

I turned around, 'Yeah?'

'My names Taylor. Whats yours?'

I took a step backwards. 'Saya.'

'Are yo scared of me? Why?'

'Um.. I... I don't know.. I'm not scared of you. Okay? I gotta go bye.'

I said right when the bell rang and took off down the hall.

I was shaken up. He had a dark ora allong with that girl? What was happening?

I walked out of the school to walk home when Billy caught up.

'I like this high school. Maybe we can stay? I already met and made a bunch new friends. Did you little sister?' he put his arm around my shoulder.

'You can talk to me you know that I won't let that creep get you agian. Cheer up.' he said in a rush. 'This place is nice. So tell me about your day?'

'It was good slow but good. Made two friends and already have an enemy.' I said wrapping my arm around his waist leaning on him.

'I was scared today. I don't know why.'

'Maybe because a new school huh sis?'

'Yeah.. Maybe.'

'So I had a great day. Met lots of girls.' he sighed. 'Meet any guys?'

I pulled away. He sighed harshly. 'Look, Saya, it's been a freakin year!'

He made me stop, 'you have to get over what happened. What he done was a dumb and scarey. I know. He was a jerk. Then Tried to hurt you! He kidnapped you, Saya, you shouldn't feel like you shouln't meet anyone.' He took a breath.

'It's a new start little sister. Lets actually try okay? I sighed.

'Fine.' I growled. He smiled.

'Good. Now lets go home.'

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