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I shrugged, he patted my shoulder with the look, 'I'm here for you'. I shrugged him off and pulled Kindra down to the lunch room, leaving him behind us.

When we got to our table and sat down Jake sat down in front of me also. He smiled, 'Hey'

'Hey, so can Kindra ride with us too?' I asked him.

He frowned, looking disappointed but covered it up by fake happiness, 'Yeah! That's fine with me! I mean I have two hot babe's ridin with me to a party then heck yea!'

I nodded and started to eat and day dream while Jake and Kindra argue about a math problem. Soon after lunch, I walked to the bathroom and turned a corner and ran into someone's chest.

They grabbed my arm in a tight grip, to keep me from falling.

'Sorry' I said embarrissed.

They person laughed a throaty laugh, 'Be careful.'

He let my arm go and I looked up at Taylor, 'Sorry and thanks.'

I tryed to walk past him but he wouldn't let me pass by him.

Awe come on I need to pee. I thought madly.

'So you goin tongiht?' he asked suddenly.

'Yeah. With Kindra and Jake's taking me.' I said, hurriedly.

He smiled, 'Cool. See you tonight.'

With that he walked off. When I got back in class the teacher was gone apperantly to get something out of the printer. Tracie threw something at my head but it missed and hit the window with a thud.

I ignored it. Later on after school I went to my locker like always, with Kindra.

I sighed, What a boring day. But hey! My life is boring somewhat anyways..

'Do you need to go to your house first?' She asked, leaning on the lockers beside mine.

'Yeah. I do actually.' I paused nerviously, 'I don't know what I'm going to wear.'

She laughed at me as she steered me towards a guy that was leaning on a car.

I gulped nerviously, 'Why are we walking towads a guy that is leaning against a car?'

She laughed at me again, 'That 'guy' is my brother, A.J'

I blushed, embarrissed again, 'Oh.'

Why oh why did I agree to this? I kept asking to myself.

'Hey Jay.' Kindra greeted as we got closer to him.

He glanced at us, 'Oh hey. About time little sister.' She rolled her eyes at him clearly annoyed.

I studied him, He was tallish like almost all the guys here, lean, and was wearing black everything. I smirked when I seen his snake bites and earring in his ear. He also had, what looked like naturally black hair.

He smirked at me after a minute, 'Like what you see?'

I blushed deeply when I realized I was staring at him and looked down. 'No of course not.'

Kindra laughed at me once again, 'Jay, this is Saya. Saya, Jay.' She said motioning to me and him.

I looked him in the eye's instead of the ground. He had baby baby blue eye's.

Wow. What pretty eye's. I thought.

His eye's sparkled as he, yet again, smirked at me. I cleared my throat, 'So um, Can we leave now?' I asked nerviously looking around.

You know that feeling when you think someone is watching you but you see no one looking? The hair turning up on the back of your neck? Yeah, well, I have that feeling.

'Are you okay Saya?' Kindra asked me. That was when I noticed that I still haven't moved from my spot.

I cleared my throat again, 'Y-yeah. C-can we leave now? Please?' I begged...

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