Her breathing picked up as she looked around. The lighting was soft, most of it coming from the hundreds of candles lit and placed around the room. The room smelled spicy with a bite of cinnamon to it. One wall was decorated in various bondage toys, dildos, whips, clamps, everything you could think of. Against another wall was a large king size bed draped in black silk sheets and a blood red duvet, pillows piled high against the headboard.

She tried to sit up but restraints around her ankles and wrists kept her strapped down to the table. Her heart began to pound against her chest as she searched the room looking for anyone. She found nothing but candles and various toys. Finally a hidden door opened and a man walked in with a smirk on his handsome face. As he stepped closer she studied him, his stormy blue eyes that seemed to see straight through her, his shaggy brown hair hanging in his eyes as he leaned down and set a record on the player. His chest was bare and chiseled, showing no imperfections in the light skin. Black sleep pants rested above his hips, a small trail of hair led from his hips down to dip beneath the pants.

He stepped over to her and brushed the hair from her eyes smiling down at her. His voice was low and husky with an edge of lust in it, dropping it into the dark octaves a man's voice gets to when they're in the mood. A chill ran over her skin as he spoke.

"Hello darling. Good to see you're finally awake, you took a nasty fall earlier."

He stroked his hand across her cheek and down her neck. His hand kept moving, across her bare chest ghosting across her hard nipples. His fingertips ghosted across her stomach, her muscles clenching as his fingers ghosted a path across her bare and wet mound. Slowly he stroked her thighs gently and rested his hand on her knee smiling at her.

"Where am I.. Who are you?"

He smirked and leaned down brushing a soft kiss across her forehead. He turned and walked to a small stand next to the table she was tied down too. Picking up a tall red candle he turned back to her holding it above her stomach.

"Now now kitten, in this room, I am Master Lionheart. And you my lovely pet, are my slave."

He tipped the candle slowly, letting the hot wax pooled beneath the flame drip onto her skin. She let out a soft cry as the pain sent electric shocks straight to her wet core. Her breathing came in heavy pants as she stared up at him, her eyes twinkling as it all dawned on her. Slowly moving the candle he let the wax drip some more, pouring a path down her stomach to the top of her mound.

Her hips arched up, her core wetting more with each drip of the hot wax on her skin. He chuckled and set the candle back on the table just before the wax could drip onto her throbbing clit. She whimpered softly and looked up at him, silently begging for more. His smirk was dark and lust filled, his eyes darkening as they raked down her body.

He picked up a red ball gag and showed it to her. His fingers stroked her cheeks gently as she opened her mouth and he slipped the gag in. He fastened the gag around her head and stepped back looking at her. He walked over to the wall and pulled down a leather whip, slapping it against the palm of his hand. With each soft smack more bursts of wetness dripped onto the table beneath her. He smiled at her and brought the whip down on her skin. She cried out around the ball gag as the tip of the leather whip stung across the tops of her thighs.

Her chest rose and fell quickly, adrenaline pumping through her as her lust spiked. He brought the whip down across her skin again, this time the leather smacked against her hard nipples. Her body arched up wanting to feel the sting of the leather again. He could tell she was excited by the whip, he could see her arousal drip out of her already soaking wet pussy.

He tugged on her nipples gently at first, receiving no reaction he pulled harder until she cried out and began to squirm. He smirked and attached clamps to her nipples and tugged on the chain connecting them together. He pulled on them hard enough for her back to arch and her arousal dripped out some more.

"You are such a dirty little slut aren't you? Pain gets you off, pushing you until you cum hard. I'll bring you to new highs, don't you worry darling."

He took the ball gag from her mouth and tossed it onto the table next to him. Grabbing a large dildo from the box beneath the table he brought it to her lips, forcing her lips apart. He gently thrust the dildo into her mouth, wetting the silicone toy with her saliva. Pulling it from her lips he dragged it down her body murmuring praise to her. Without warning he slammed the dildo into her tight asshole and she screamed, the fine line of pain and pleasure making her pussy throb.

He smirked and pushed it deep into her ass. He pushed it deep into her until it reached the base and he picked up a small remote, turning the vibrations to mild as she thrashed on the table. He brought the whip down on her skin again making her cry out in ecstasy. He kept bringing the whip down on her body in various spots making her cry out in pleasure.

"Talk for me darling, tell me what you want."

He brought the whip down across her throbbing clit and she arched her back screaming.

"Fuck, I want you to abuse me! I want you to use my body as your pleasure toy."

She lay panting on the table as he untied the restraints on her wrists and ankles. Pulling her off the table he pulled her over to a saint andrew's cross and tied her to it spreading her across the wood. He pulled the fake cock from her ass and shoved it into her dripping pussy.

"I won't say it again. Talk for me darling."

He brought the whip down hard against her clit again and she screamed as she squirted everywhere.

"Thank you Master Lionheart! Thank you for punishing my body. Use me as your dirty slut, fuck my body in any way you please. Use me for your pleasure, fuck me until I'm nothing more than your personal little slut."

He grinned and shoved his cock deep into her ass. She screamed again her ass clenching around his cock as he began to pound into her. He smacked her ass hard with his bare hand as he kept pounding his thick hard cock into her tight ass.

"Beg for my cum darling, beg for it like the filthy slut you are."

She whimpered and pushed back against him, tightening her muscles around his hard cock buried deep inside her tight ass.

"Fill my ass with your cum master. Fill my body with your sticky, hot seed and mark me as yours. Let my dirty ass milk your cock. Punish my ass with your hot cum and make me scream."

"As you wish."

Each word he punctured with a thrust into her ass. As he felt her walls clenching he gave her that final push of pain to get her off and pinched her clit hard and sunk his teeth into her neck. She screamed her pleasure as she came hard around the silicone cock buried deep in her sopping wet pussy. Her ass clenched around his throbbing member and he thrust once more roaring as he came in her ass. Panting heavily he leaned against her and slowly pulled out kissing her neck gently.

"I love you darling. You did so well with that scene.."

She smiled and turned her head kissing him gently.

"It was intense and so worth it. I love you too, now untie me so we can clean up before the kids wake up from their nap."