A/N: This is not Defenses, nor is this anything that I normally write. These isn't much plot here. Just unabashed, unapologetic sex. I'm pretty shy about sex (it took me a month to write the original sex scene in defenses, which was in turn only about four pages), but this scene and these characters wouldn't be ignored. Please be warned: This is basically a PWP that features a lot of lesbian sex. Don't read if it will make you uncomfortable. Otherwise, enjoy.


The opening of the bathroom door caught Maggie by surprise and she tightened her towel around herself. The steam that had filled the bathroom with a thick haze rushed at the opening door, clearing the air and Maggie shivered as it entered. She crossed an arm over her chest as the door opened further, but relaxed at the sight of blond hair.

"Bella," she said with a breath of relief. Bella shut the door behind herself. "I thought you were Daniel. He's a bit of a pervert." Maggie turned back to the sink, one hand holding her towel in place, while the other reached for the comb sitting next to the faucet. Her hair dangled in long, wet tendrils around her face. Bella said nothing and Maggie glanced back over her shoulder. "Is everything alright?"

The doorknob clicked as Bella locked it and her footfalls were earsplitting against the tile floor. Maggie started to turn around to face her. "Hands on the sink, love," Bella spoke in a low, affectionate tone.


"Hands on the sink," Bella repeated, moving to stand behind her. Maggie turned around once more and reached to adjust her towel. "Don't bother, pet," she whispered, mouth close to Maggie's ear and hands gripping her shoulders. "I won't repeat myself again. Hands on the sink."

She placed her hands flat against the sink and watched the mirror, searching for Bella's face. The thick layer of steam obscure the glass and she waited through a few long-seconds before Bella's hands moved from her shoulders. They slid down her arms and underneath, running across her breasts to the fold in her towel that kept it tied. Bella pulled at the crease and Maggie shivered as the towel fell away to pool around her feet, exposing her.

Bella nipped at her ear. "That took entirely too long, kitten." She cupped Maggie's bare breasts and rolled her nipples until they hardened between her forefinger and thumb. Maggie gasped and arched.

Heat pooled low in her stomach and she shuddered as Bella's pinch grew in strength. Bella's mouth was on her neck, tonguing the beads of water still left over from her shower and her teeth grazed skin. "Bella." Her voice cracked halfway through Bella's name and her backside rubbed against Bella's clothed front, scraping on Bella's rough jeans and she pressed her thighs together.

Bella twisted her nipples again and Maggie's palms lifted off the counter. She pressed the pads of her fingers against the marble until they whitened under the pressure. Bella wrenched at her nipples, disciplining. "Maggie." Her voice never rose and her tone kept its even pitch. She rolled Maggie's nipples without remorse until Maggie whined in a strangled noise. Bella nipped at her neck and Maggie pressed her palms against the counter once more, bending slightly with the movement. Maggie could practically feel Bella smile against her neck. "Good girl," she whispered, released Maggie's nipples and the smaller girl slackened against the sink, her knees shaking.

"Good girl," Bella repeated, bowing over Maggie's bent back. She pressed a kiss to Maggie's exposed spine as her hands drifted down Maggie's stomach. She kissed each vertebrae up Maggie's back as her hands glided over the slick skin of Maggie stomach. Bella gripped the contours of her hips, digging her nails into the flesh. "I shouldn't have to say anything twice," she stated into skin and Maggie shuddered. "Do you understand?" Maggie nodded without pause and Bella released her. Eight identical crescent moon finger nail marks were pressed into the skin on her waist.

A hand found its way to the center of her back, forcing Maggie to bend further over the sink. Bella's other hand snaked between the back of her legs and without warning entered Maggie in one brutal thrust. Maggie cried out, gasping as Bella's fingers pumped into her and she gripped the sides of the basin.

"Eyes open, Maggie," Bella ordered in the same soft tone as ever. Maggie did, fighting to keep upright as her legs trembled. "Clean the mirror." She released one shaking hand from the basin and brushed her palm across the glass. Bella's fingers were unyielding and with every thrust of her hand, her arm brushed across Maggie's bare ass.

With the steam wiped from the mirror, Maggie met Bella's eye. Bella watched her with a smirk that made the building pressure low in her belly grow, flaring to something unmanageable and Maggie keened. "Bella," she whimpered. "More. I can't…" She was breathless and she flushed at the impish cock of Bella's eyebrow. The hand in the center of Maggie's back pressed her forward once more, until her nipples, still sore and aching, touched the cold of the marble. In the mirror she could still see herself, exposed and arching with ever flick of Bella's wrist. She flushed again, the heat that radiated from her legs spreading to her neck and face and she dropped her head, unable to look at herself.

"Head up, kitten," Bella ordered, a deceptive laugh creeping into her tone. Maggie just gasped as her hips collided into the sink, compelled by Bella's fingers. "Maggie." She lifted her head slightly, catching sight of herself in the bottom of the mirror, red-face and sweating. Red patches of skin across her shoulders and down her back held the mark of teeth and she dropped her head again, laying her forehead against the cold mirror.

The hand wrapped in her hair dazed her as her head was wrenched back. The look of smug amusement was gone from Bella's expression and Maggie felt herself grow more aroused. "I will not be ignored, pet," Bella's voice was hard. Maggie was on her toes, the pressure between her legs becoming too much and the straining of her neck left her gasping at air. "And I will not warn again." She leaned over Maggie again, draping herself across her back and close to her ear. "Do not cum."

"P-Please." It was a choked plea. Her hips moved against Bella's hand, meeting every thrust. Stars danced in front of her eyes, obscuring the sight of herself, bent across the bathroom counter, skin flushed and moist. Strain mounted between her legs, fogging her brain and she moaned and shook. "Bella, please."

"Please what, kitten?" Bella's tone was feigned confusion and Maggie cried out. "Not yet." Her nipples brushed the counter and her neck ached as Bella's grip constricted. "Not yet," she repeated in a tut and Maggie's knees buckled.

"I can't. Bella, I can't."

"You will, love."

The fingers began to slow and with frustration working the muscles in her bared throat, she cried. Bella's mouth moved to her jaw, leaving a line of kisses down her chin. Every inch of her ached and Bella's fingers slowed still. She babbled, pleading in nonsensical keening and the tears came without warning, making her tremble.

"Breathe, pet," Bella's mouth was near her ear once more and she kissed the top of her jaw, then the corner of her eye. "Okay."

The movement of her fingers began once more, with as little warning as the first time and the air halted in her chest. She was clamping around Bella's hand, moving without rhythm and her moans filled the bathroom with noise. In a rush, she came and collapsed against the counter. Bella's hand still constricting in her hair and the other still rocking between her legs, propping her upright. She rode out the rest of her orgasm on Bella's fingers, jerking and gasping until Bella stopped and withdrew her hand. She felt empty and sore, her sex throbbing.

The smell of sex overcame her senses as Bella's fingers appeared in front of her face and through the haze in her head, Maggie understood enough to open her mouth, drawing Bella's fingers in and tasting her own sex. Bella's mouth was back on her shoulder, kissing the freckled skin across the top of her back. "Good girl," she whispered.

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