And So Be Sundered

tell me
did I ever have
my thousand faces
or was I only the seventh son
of a blacksmith's wife
just one more boy
with green eyes

tell me
for I seem to have forgotten
the way the mountain looks from the top

there is a sword in my hand
but I've forgotten what it's for
and I think I had a band
I think I opened up a door
but when I stepped through
I think I realized
I was alone

tell me
for I've forgotten why
and now the fire leaves my eyes
there was a field, and a stone
and a scepter, and a throne
and a sword, and a sign
and a symbol, and a rhyme
and a wizard out of time
but I've forgotten exactly why

perhaps because I stood too tall
perhaps then the golden grass of fall
wound around me where I lay
and filled my mouth and ears
with dreams of an end that didn't

perhaps as I lay dreaming
the golden grass grew through my eyes
and in its kindness, cannibalized
my mind

tell me
for I seem to have forgotten
where I keep the mask
which I use to assume
my thousand faces

but perhaps you
have forgotten, too