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Millions of lightyears away lies a galaxy very similar to our own. In that galaxy lies a planet whose characteristics are not dissimilar to that of Earth. This planet is named Traxi. Traxi is dominated by one particular race, a race evolved not from monkeys, but from cats. Despite this differing heritage, the Vallen (as that is what they call themselves) look very closely related to human kind. Perhaps their faces are a little more angular, their hair a little softer, and their pupils a little slimmer. But the main difference between them and us is their genders. They have not two, but three; the dominant males, the submissive males and the females.

Dominant males are characterised by their height and size. The smallest stands at over 6'5", and they are heavily built, with rippling muscle. Their skin is also more tanned than that of the others. Dominant males were once seen as below females, a tamed workforce and necessity for breeding, but they have fought long and hard for the semblance of equality they have today.

Females look very similar to the dominant males, only slimmer and with a thin layer of fur coating their bodies. Their pupils are much thinner, and they have retained retractable claws and pointed teeth throughout the evolutionary stages. Thus, they have the most cat characteristics, including very independent and often violent personalities. This led to them being worshipped as goddesses in the past, something which is still evident in Traxi's society today. Females have a permanent womb so can become pregnant at certain times in their bi-monthly cycle.

Submissive males look very different. Apart from being no taller than 5'9", slim, with pale skin and larger eyes, they also have two very visible markings - cat ears and tail. Submissive males also have the ability to grow a womb in their rectum during intercourse, allowing them to carry a child to term. However, this is a lot less common than a child born to a female as there are greater risks and complications involved for both the sub and the child, since the womb is only temporary and there could be imperfections in it which cause severe problems. The birthing process also has greater fatalities and long term injury. The recovery period for a sub after birth is longer than that of a female and if the baby survives, it is always born prematurely.

Because of this, subs are seen as the weakest of the three genders. There is also little use in society for them. Common jobs often are that of assistants, household staff and secretaries, although they are slowly breaking into some of the lighter, less manual industries such as fashion and shopkeeping. This weakness means that the rest of the Vallen look down on them. Thus, the subs have less rights and protection given to them by their governments, governments which contain no subs. It is legal therefore, on Traxi, to rape a sub, keep one as a slave, and beat one. These things are, of course, illegal if done to the other two genders. The final, and perhaps greatest law stifling the ambitions of the subs, is that they can not be born or made an heir to anything, no matter how high up their family is.

On Traxi, there are three main continents; Yakalo, Xantix and Poya.
All three genders are present on Xantix and Poya, but Yakalo does not have submissive males. This is because it's people voted to cull all subs at birth.
Yakalo and Poya are ruled democratically by councils and headed by a president, voted in tri-annually. Xantix differs in that it is ruled by royalty, as it has been for hundreds of years in the past. Their rulers are the Faven family, and their king has a dirty secret about to get out...

...To Be Continued...

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