I was in a car with a friend who was driving and trying to read the map at the same time. We were going to find a castle.

'Give me that.' I snatched the map from her and directed her into a left-hand turn.

Then we approached a HUGE building with stained glass church-like windows and large ornamental pieces of metal and stone work decorating the outside.

'Oh no, that's the cathedral!' She said. (It was common knowledge that in this town there was both a sizeable castle and cathedral, probably the only sights around worth seeing)

I gazed up at the stunning building in awe and had the sudden desire to explore. I dashed inside while my friend complained.

'Come on Millie, I know you're Christian and all, but we're here to see the castle not a cathedral!'

'Just a quick look!' I called back, already climbing some stairs. 'This is so beautiful.'

The large staircase was covered with a thick red carpet. Now when I said the building was huge, I meant it. It was built from enormous red bricks, creating an impressive cuboid shape. The sides rose vertically upwards, presumably leading to a flat (or flat-ish) roof. Suffice to say, the cathedral looked nothing like a cathedral.

I bounded up stair after stair, hurriedly peering at each floor but determined to arrive at the top. After halfway up the layout of each floor appeared very similar. Finally I came to the end of the staircase, and opened a door.

Inside was a large room. The outside walls were made up of glass windows, showing a tiny ledge outside before a drop. A very, very steep drop a long, long way down.

'This isn't a cathedral,' I breathed, 'this is the castle!'

I wasn't alone. There were other people both inside and outside. I stared at a boy perched on the exterior ledge in shock. Then I noticed that the ledge was only this narrow along the rear of the building. On the sides, the floor extended a couple of metres beyond the glass. It was covered in soft grass with several people, mostly children, outdoors.

My friend had followed me up. We looked around the big, well lit room in wonder. There was a separate kitchen and bathroom that I could see, but more interesting was the door wedged between them. It led to the 'garden' outside. I sent a furtive glance to check that my friend was looking elsewhere, and excitedly slipped through.

I was careful to keep my distance from the edge as I walked down the long strip of grass.

'What are you so scared of?' A voice mocked me from behind.

I turned around to see the boy who I'd first seen through the window. He was standing on the very brink of the garden, appearing as one without a care in the world.

'It's dangerous.' I replied.

He laughed and came towards me. 'Let me show you.'

He ran along the grass and I followed. I watched as he danced along, so daring and ridiculously confident. We came to the end of the garden and he frisked around the corner. I could see him through the glass, teetering on the foot-wide ledge. I peered round to see him bekoning me on. Taking a deep breath, I leaned back against the wall and shuffled round painstakingly slowly. My companion laughed again and grabbed my arm, yanking me forwards. I stumbled, lost balance and fell.

I screamed and gripped onto the arm holding me with all my strengh. The boy was crouched down, his other hand holding onto something against the wall. He carefully heaved my gasping body back up. I pressed myself to the wall breathing heavily, terrified. That boy is stronger than he looks, I thought. Then I realised he had almost killed me.

'What did you do that for?' I hissed, my voice high with panic.

'I told you I'd show you,' he shrugged. 'You're fine.'

'I could have died!' I spat.

He took a few steps backwards then launched himself over my prostrate body to get to the end near the garden.

'Are you staying there all day?' He reached down to offer me his hand, which I took and held onto tightly despite my fierce scowl.

Back inside I sat alone on one of the soft chairs. Small children ran past me, adults moved about their business and life went on. Apparently no one cared that the garden was a risky place to be. Later on, I noticed the scenery had changed. I got up and peered through the window to see that we were moving.

I ran outside and lay on my belly in order to look down. The ground far below was constantly changing as the castle rumbled forward. The wind flapped my hair about my face as I shouted to the world.

'We're moving!' I laughed at the strangeness of it as someone stepped up beside me.

'Yes we are.' The boy I'd met earlier, who I later found was called Adios, smiled. We stood there, gazing at the view in wonder. It was only when we turned to look behind that we discovered we were not the only ones travelling that way. A smaller construction was catching up with us.

'It's pirates!' Someone yelled, causing sudden activity which spread to all within earshot. Before my eyes the whole community dispersed.

I ran to the door in panic. 'What am I doing? But I'm not even supposed to be here!' I need to get out, I thought.

'Wait.' Adios grabbed my hand. 'Don't leave, hide.'

'But they'll find us!' I cried. I wasn't even sure if I trusted him not to turn me over to the pirates

As if he read my mind, Adios asked 'Do you trust me?'

Why should I? He had nearly killed me, I reasoned. But then he had also saved my life and wasn't he running away from the traders too?

I breathed in and nodded. 'Ok.'

Still holding my hand he ran out of the large common room through the same door I had entered it by. Instead of going left, back down the stairs, we headed right along a dark corridor.

Sorry about the randomness, but this was actually a dream I had the other day so you can't blame me for the oddities! Haha... now – review..?