The words cracked through my skull

Sending me into a numb state

I didn't know what I was hearing

Or if it was too late

Family began to crumble like sand

But I remained as hard as stone

Forcing myself to forgot

Ignorance is bliss

Listened to a song on repeat

Learnt it's harder to forget then remember

Got angry

My knuckles split

Went into denial

Everything was fine, nothing had happened

Didn't know if this was the right way

Knew it was my way

Things started to get better

Walls were rebuilt, stronger this time

Mine never fell in the first place

Ignorance is bliss

Stayed in denial

Tried to forget

Can't remember much now

Ignorance isn't bliss

(AN) I know it's quite bad, it's my first real shot at a poem so just thought I'd give it a go, I wrote it up quite quickly and didn't really think much into it, so yeah review if you want to.