Glittering night –

stars aligned in their famous positions,

starlight shining down upon your skin,

the forest mist suspended below the branches

and all I want is to kiss you.

Twigs are breaking under our bare feet

and the smoky blue sky feels like a tent.

You are mysterious to me

and supernatural.

The way the silky strands of your hair,

like spiderwebs,

fall past your hips and cling together

is like magic. But you are magic all your own.

You move lightly, swiftly,

like a dream. I see your eyes

reflecting light like gemstones,

singing silently of the night,

and the moon is trapped in them as if it were your soul.

Ultimately, I am too captivated by sight

to move on to touch. I imagine

your snow white skin might feel like satin.

A kiss from you would be like breaking a spell,

but this spell is ethereal, and almost sinful.

I dare not pass my hand through the starlight to catch you.

A nightingale, you must be left wild,

and as if you had never noticed me,

I will let you disappear among the trees.