I'm Philip Hunter, and I have a secret.

When I was fourteen, I came down with a severe case of pneumonia. Very severe. I had to go to the hospital for days. Nothing the doctors did helped, and they didn't think I would make it. This didn't help my Mom, who raised me herself after my Dad passed away when I was a baby. Then one day while I was in the hospital, I woke up, and I was fine. It was as if I had never been sick in the first place. The doctors called it a miracle.

That's when my powers really started to manifest itself.

Subtle things at first. Sometimes I'd grab my cup of water and the water would freeze before I could drink it. I'd go swimming, and ice crystals would start to appear in the water around me.

Then things started to really get out of hand. I could be fine one minute, typing up a paper for class, then bam, my keyboard freezes, or I'd be watching TV when I'd suddenly feel an icy cool on the cushion under me.

It was like this for a very long time.

Finally, right as I graduated high school, I began to learn to control these powers. Turn them on and off at will. I even learned some new ones. The biggest advancement in my powers was after I learned to create ice crystals simply from the moisture in the air. After that, I could do nearly anything I could think of.

A lot of people would have used this power for evil, I suspect, terrorizing the general populace. Me? I mostly used them to prank friends and continued life as a semi-normal person.

At least, until after I graduated college. That's when the attack happened. That's the first time I revealed my powers to the public. And that's the first time I was ever called Frostbite.

Author's Note: Thank you for reading the prologue to what I hope will be a great superhero story. If you're a first time reader of my stuff, which most of you probably are, then please visit my profile to learn a little more about me. If you've read my stuff before, welcome back! I know I've been gone for a long time, months, but I'm glad to be back. Send me a message or leave me a comment just so I know you guys are still alive! With this story I'm trying to recreate the magic that made Thunderstrike: The Alliance so fun to read (and write). If you've never read it, please visit my profile and give it a read. The point of these stories is that I love comics. I'm a huge Marvel fan. However, I'm very disappointed in the amount of superhero BOOKS out there, which is none as far as I can tell. This story (and Thunderstrike) is meant to be something of a comic book, in story format. I hope you guys enjoy it.