"You are so beautiful"
They want to hear,
They say beauty is
Only skin deep
They say beauty is
On the inside
What counts,
Then why do they need to be
Reassured in their desire for
Physical Perfection
The reasons are lost to me,
Why dwell on the superficial?
Yet you
Enlightened me
First by your bodily attributes
I captured the moment
For it will slip away
With the next grain of sand
Dripping through the crystal timepiece,

What is it that
Draws me to you?
Your fair skin?
So blemish free
Your moist lips?
So pleasurable to kiss
Your voluminous locks?
So easily to loose myself
Your lean body?
So graceful but strong

Yet, those things
Can be plucked away
With that grain of sand,
Leaving me
To meet the true you
The whit behind all the glamour
To cherish your timeless attributes,
Your mischievously cocked grin
As you find life so amusing
Could never frown,
Your sparkling eyes
Flecked with a forest's pallet
Could never fade,
Your mind
So sharp with intelligent awareness
Could never slow,

You've shown me
The meaning of beauty
Beauty is
Superficial, living for the moment,
Grasp it while I can
Before it is gone with age
Leaving me with
The charm
The poise
The brain,
The true you
Truly beautiful