Search Efforts for Two Teenage Girls Remain Fruitless
Article by Martin Salazar

Investigators in Guerran County remain puzzled over the disappearance of two teenage girls last Saturday. Cordelia Janson and Heather Brookes vanished late Saturday night following a play production at the local Guerran Community Center.

Both Janson and Brookes acted in the play and were last seen around 10:30 according to police who interviewed audience members and friends. The girls car pooled and lived close by, leaving investigators puzzled as to what may have transpired Saturday night.

"Cordy told me she would be back home by eleven," said Louise Janson, Cordy's mother.

"Around midnight, I started to worry. I called her phone multiple times and when she didn't pick up, I called the police," Janson's mother explained. Once it was clear neither Janson nor Brookes made it home that night, police began assembling search parties to scour surrounding wooded areas.

"We're working as hard as we can right now to find these two young girls. Both Cordelia and Heather are well known in our small community. Luckily, we've had a lot of support for our efforts," police chief Mark Belle said Monday morning.

"As of this moment, we have no hard evidence or leads on the case. If anyone has any information what so ever about Cordelia Janson or Heather Brookes, please contact the Guerran Police Department," Belle encouraged during a press release.

Many town members are alarmed by the sudden disappearance of Janson and Brookes, especially following the disappearance of 15 year old Ginger Thompson 2 years ago.

"When Ginger disappeared two years ago, we searched for weeks and found nothing-no clues, no leads, not even a hint as to what happened. Many of my neighbors are alarmed and rumors have begun to circulate about a serial murderer," said Guerran local Jeremy Port.

While the community may be somewhat alarmed by recent events, the local police and sheriff units maintain the public is in no real danger. Still, to be safe, chief Belle recommended "everyone should be observant and cautious. Safety first."

In addition to efforts of the Guerran Police Department, the Guerran Community Center is currently organizing both funding and voluntary search parties for Janson and Brookes. Readers can contact the community center by phone, online, or email them at .com

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