Chapter One

High school. Throughout the years one always thinks high school to be that one institution that takes forever to finish. But, when finally the time for its end arrives you can't believe the irony. Everything seems as if it has happened only yesterday, but in reality it's been on roller coaster ride after another, preparing for more rides in the future.

I'm walking down the path that has been taking for over a week, to give my finals rid myself of all of this. Not that I don't plan on studying further, but let's just say high school isn't something I'm going to miss. Sure, I haven't had the worst possible time here, and it was only bearable but now I'm one step closer to achieving my dreams; one down and so many more to go.

The wind is a force not to be reckoned with this morning, or the past mornings for the whole week. Its futile trying to steady my hair and clothes and it almost seems as a forewarning. Of something that might just be out of my control and no matter how much I disagree with it, I won't have any say in the matter. Not that I actually believe in forewarnings.

The school assigned for my finals stands before in all its glory. Almost as if it's mocking me. Not that it has any right to; I mean my three final years of high school come down to this final test. And mind you, I have enough pressure on my shoulders from my family and myself.

There are many strange, never before seen faces around me. Some were fidgeting with their hands, laying about their stationery on their assigned desks and others watching curiously, just waiting for something to happen, something that would make them escape for even a few minutes. Fools. Why put something off, even for a few minutes when in the end you'll inevitably have to return to it again.

The invigilator hands me my exam and speaker announces to begin. The clock ticks in front of me and I flip the question paper open.

"How was it?" Felicia comes and announces at my side. She's giddy with happiness which can only indicate that her exam went well.

"It was great! Yours?" I ask.

"Awesome! Seriously, I think I just owned the whole thing!" She replies.

We start scanning the crowd for more familiar faces. I know Felicia wants to rub her happiness into other people's faces, so I help her find our friends and classmates. That's when I see him. Matt. I don't mean to look because I've vowed myself to stay away from him but I can't seem to tear my eyes away. Promises are meant to be broken.

The years have done him good. He stands tall, close to 6 feet, a far contrast from my 5 feet 4 inches. We are nothing alike, and make the weirdest couple. With my tanned skin and average looks, I don't stand a chance next to his light skin tone and devilish handsome looks. Though, he is far from devilish. Hardly.

He turns and looks my direction. I gasp, but I can't look away. It's like fate is playing a rude trick on me because all those feelings that I had thought were gone come hurtling back with such ferocity I find it hard to breathe. Shit. Not hear and not now. Not with him standing a few feet away and possibly looking at me. He waves and I recover from my shock of it all and slightly raise my hand as well, when I realize he isn't waving at me, but the girl behind me. My hand is back at my side before I make an even bigger fool of myself.

Transferring to different school, a rival school seems to have done him well. He seems to be very popular with his posse of girls surrounding him. His laugh carries around the place and seems contagious because everyone around him starts laughing as well. But the fact remains, he hasn't turned to acknowledge me at all, not even a 'hello'. That's when I know, nothing seems to change. Nothing ever does.

That night I'm consumed with thoughts of him and him alone. My last exam is three days later, but instead of studying I am fretting about the impossible. He was back in my life again, granted for a short period time but I was upset, upset like I shouldn't have been. We had never been together when he was with my in high school and now that he was somewhere else, odds were not in our favor. Honestly though, I wanted them to be.

Someone was knocking at my door. I made myself looks busy with my books so that I could save myself from the much hated lecture that would ensue with someone from my family found me staring off into space rather than studying.

"Honey?" My mother peaked in from the slightly ajar door.

"Yes, mama? Is everything alright?" I asked, as I absent mindedly flipped a page of my now open book.

"Oh, I just wanted to check up on you. You seemed a little down today when I came to pick you up from the exam. Did it not go well?" Yes, the sad part was that I still didn't have a license, so I had to rely on my parents to pick and drop me everywhere. My parents wanted me to wait till I was 20 before I sat behind a steering wheel of a car. Reason being reckless teenagers. As if I could ever get reckless. I was the poster child for careful and a major worrier.

"No, mama. It was really good. I guess I'm just tired from staying up all night and cramming for the exam." I lied. She would never understand if I told her the truth.

"Then there is no need for you to stay up late today. You need your rest and I suggest you go to bed now. You don't want to exhaust yourself for the last one. Come one. You've studied quite enough for today." She took my book from my hand and placed on my bedside table. Straightening out my pillows, I got under the covers and let her tuck me in. She hadn't done that since I was a child.

With one hand on the light switch and the other on the door knob, she turned back to face me and said, "Oh, sweetheart. I almost forgot. Your father and I have to go for a council meeting tomorrow. The council members want to talk to us about something. No idea what about. So, you'll have to make yourself breakfast and do wake up at a reasonable hour because there is no need wasting the morning hours when you can be studying. Goodnight." She blew me a kiss and switched off the lights. That was that.

"Goodnight." I whispered and turned to face the window that overlooked the garden of our house. What could the council members possibly want from my parents? For years I had just heard about the powers of the members, though from people who just liked to gossip. They were an enigma, a mystery waiting to be solved. Never had anyone I knew met the members, let alone me. And my parents had been requested. Something didn't seem right.

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