HI! well, basically, i'm a n00b to this whole song business but hey, I tried! xD

This song is basically about a girl saying how the boy she likes doesn't realize she loves him, and it hurts her he doesn't know but she's not strong enough to tell him.


It goes to the song 'save you' by Kelly Clarkson. IF YOU DONT KNOW IT YOU'RE GONNA GOOGLE IT, AND IM NOT ASKING!

~I wish I could tell you~

It's not hard
I can tell that we don't share them
Feelings that I've tried my best to lock inside

Feeling hurt
Feeling lost inside illusions
I just wish you would see how much for you I've cried

Yet your eyes are clouded
And your heart will beat for me no more
If you could see my feelings but you don't
You don't.

I'm saying I love you
I'm trying to tell you it's true
My lies are illusions
They're protecting me from the truth

Why don't you feel the same?
Why don't ou feel the same?

It gets hard
All lone trying to find it
Find the courage for all I've bottled up inside
Will I say it?
Some day I hope to find it
And once for all let them out, all that is on my mind

But you still seem to be blinded
I'm screaming but your ears won't realize
I just want to see past all your lies?
Your lies.

I wish you would see it.
I hope you can see how much I hurt
I'm trying to scream it
But the truth has blinded us both
That you don't love me back
Why won't you love me back?

Tell you
I wish i could tell you
But I know you're still my friend
Though for you nothing's changed
For you I will pretend, it's fine

Why won't I let them out?
These feelings that I dread

Tell you
I wish I could tell you

But why won't you listen
Just open your eyes and let me in

Why won't you love me back?
Why can't you realize?

Tell you
I wish I could tell you

I'll wait till the right time.

thanklluuu! and credits to my friend Duck (dont ask) for the song! ^3^ and if you're feeling happy, how 'bout clicking this button down here that's been screaming your name? It needs love!