The sky was a beautiful shade of blue.

I felt like the sky, with a never ending personality, but barely noticed. My imagination was wide, very wide. The strange thing was that even though I had the ability to do so much, only one thing mattered. It was him.

I wonder, did he notice the sky the way I did? We both were so distant from each other, I wouldn't be surprised if he noticed the sky as much as he noticed me. Believe me, that was none much at all. If only he knew.

I don't think he remembers our friendship at all, let alone who I am. I'm talking about a friendship we had as children, before he moved away. The one where he would chase me, hold my hand, and tell me things that I would never hear from anybody else.

My life was never that great as a child. I led a totally different life in my imagination, until I met him. He helped me come out of my shell, into the real world. I wanted him to stay with me, to hold me forever.

Leaving my memories aside, I came back into reality. Leaning against my hand, my elbow drove itself into the school desk. I waited for the bell to ring while staring at his unique features from across the room.

His name was Xavier Canoe. That name suited him like a cover to a book (most books have suiting covers, anyway.)

He had dark locks springing out randomly from his curiously shaped head. He had eyes that were blue like the sky. Why such an exact shade of blue? Because of this, whenever I think of my favorite thing, the sky, it leads to the topic of this person. Gosh!

My name is Amy Hart. I have long, curly, black hair that glowed red only in the sun. Not that it mattered, unless he noticed and suddenly realized that I was the same glowing girl he used to play tag with in the sunset. No, right now, that's really not at all significant.

Days just don't seem real to me. I feel almost nothing at all, because of him! Why is he the only thing I care about? It's driving me crazy! He was the one that taught me to love, and yet, he can't remember his own teachings. I'm like an old favorite of a teacher, forgotten but still remembering all that was taught. If only I could put that to good use. If only I had the courage.

It was then that I realized that I had been wrong this whole time. Everyday wasn't the same, in fact, it was much more different than the last! I then swore to myself that one of these days, I would make that difference I've always wanted. He would notice me, no matter what.

How could I change?

The next day, I decided that I would go back into one of my old interests, the piano. It reminded me of myself, not being able to describe anything in words, but in what you see as you hear, and most importantly, feel.

I started playing a song taught to me. By who? If you guessed him, then yes, you were correct!

Both my hands formed bubbles of air, ready to leave an impression on the keyboard any second. But, why was I so afraid to touch it? It's only a piano. At the same time, it scared me how I thought even this piano had more meaning and purpose than I did. Once I touched it, music would be made. The music would be gone in a few seconds, true, but it still would've been made. For my own sake, I had to get this right.

Slowly and carefully, I started to play the melody that dominated my childhood. I played, and played, more and more. I started to realize how I was care about something other than him. Or maybe I only cared because this was related to him.

Love really does drive one crazy. So can music, especially when it speaks of the devil….

He right there at the doorway, leaning against it, staring at me wide-eyed.

"What song was that?" Xavier asked.

"Heart and soul " I replied in a voice that had a hint of a whisper, a hint of uncertainty, and a hint of my casual school voice.

"It sounds very familiar." He smiled. Amy's heart skipped a beat.

"You must know it, it's quite famous." Amy full heartedly smiled in return. Her green eyes looked up to his blue ones, while she was sitting down on the bench.

"Who's it by?" He asked, not knowing why he was talking to this girl he barely knew.

"I have no idea who it's by, but a friend taught it to me." Again, she looked at him, only this time with a hint of faith in her eyes. She had no idea what else to do, so she smiled.

They continued to talk, and Amy was feeling something knew, almost forgotten, begin to slowly emerge from the depths of her heart. He actually took somewhat of an interest to her. She needed to make the best of this moment.

"May I ask why you were here?" Amy questioned.

"What do you mean?" he said in confusion.

"I mean, when you were at the doorway. Did you need something?" Amy tried to sound like she actually cared. She wanted to make a good impression.

"Not really, I was just…curious." Xavier replied, feeling a shred of awkwardness.

Amy tried to get rid of that mood.

"Oh, I see! Do you play the piano?" She asked.

Xavier didn't know why, but the first thing he noticed while she spoke was the way her eyes glittered . Like dew on two green leaves…..

"Yes, I know very well how to play. But I only play what I want to hear, like my favorite songs." He grinned.

He'd never told that to anyone before. Strange how a conversation can go in whatever direction it pleases.

Amy softly chuckled, only two breaths into the air.

"I think I do the same thing. If I so far don't like a song on a sheet of music, I just stop playing."

At the same time, they both began to laugh.

"You should at least give them a chance!" He said.

"I do!" She replied. "I'm just…."

"Lazy?" He questioned.

"No, not lazy!" Amy felt a blush of embarrassment creep to her face.

"I'm just kidding!" He laughed.

"I'm just trying to learn the piano." Amy declared.

"Have you learned the basics?" He asked.

"Yeah, I have…" She said uncertainly.

"Well, that's cool. Later." He got up to leave.

"See ya." Amy said casually, turning back to her piano.

He said "later"….her plan was going good so far. But, the question was, just when was "later?"