Natalie believed her plan to be flawless.

Only five minutes until "Crush" started again….now was the time to make a move.

Natalie grabbed a cup of coke-cola. She couldn't help but evilly snicker.

Two minutes until they started.

Natalie made her way over to where Xavier's pianist Ren Lee was sitting.

Oh, look at that. Amy was sitting there, too.

Natalie had a sly way of making her move…she somehow got the open cup of coke near Amy and Ren at the same time.

Okay, this must be confusing, so here's an explanation. Pianist Ren Lee is HIGHLY allergic to the drink, coke-cola. The smell makes him start wheezing. Not that he would die, he would just have to leave….. and without a pianist, "Crush" won't be able to finish the gig. If, say, it was Amy's fault that a cup of coke got spilled all over Ren…then, well, Natalie would succeed in getting Xavier to hate Amy. Once He hates Amy, the only girl he's shown interest in so far, Natalie will have her chance.

Horrible, Isn't it?

Natalie tipped the cup over.

The fizzy drink spilled all over Ren, just as planned.

Not many people knew that Ren was allergic. How Natalie knew, was a different story. Anyway, here's what happened next…

Ren's face was covered in red hives as soon as he stood up. His breathing began to wheeze. Everyone in the room looked his way.

"Oh, um, Amy? You dropped this." Natalie said, picking up the now empty white cup with her finger tips and placing it on the table next to Amy, as if it were there to begin with.

"That's not mine." Amy said casually, looking up at Natalie with a "What the fuck are you doing?" expression.

"Oh, I saw you spill it , so I thought it was yours." Natalie replied in a mock-innocent tone with evil eyes.

"No, I didn't spill it." Amy said with the same casual-ness.

By this time, Ren was already gone, but the whole room was looking at them wide-eyed.

Who's side are they on? Oh shit please don't believe Natalie…..

"Actually, I think you did. There's a little coke on your shoes…" Natalie continued.

What the hell? Coke? I thought. I looked down at my shoes. How the hell did that stain get there?

Amy saw Natalie exchange a glance with someone else in her "popular crew."

That bitch…..

Amy kept her face normal and content.

"How could I have done it? Nobody at this table ever got up to get coke. We all know Ren's allergic" Amy said with better innocence than Natalie could ever fake.

Actually, nobody at that table knew, but the only others at that table were Amy's friends, and Amy knew they were on her side.

Amy also knew that she won by the way Natalie's face screwed up. She just walked away. A few seconds later, everyone continued their chatter.

Xavier sadly looked at the microphone. He was about to get up to tell everyone to go home, but Amy stopped him.

"Xavier, I can play for you guys." Amy said hopefully.

"Could you really?" Xavier said in a surprised tone.

"Yeah, I can!" Amy said.

"But how do I know you're good enough?" Xavier asked in a worried tone.

Amy was hesitant, but continued." Remember when you walked in while I was playing River flows in you? Did you hear me?"

"I did! You really are good!" Xavier grinned.

"Alright, then let's go!" Amy grinned.

Natalie looked at them, very confused. The gig was already over, how could they be happy? And why doesn't Xavier hate Amy? Does he actually believe her?

As soon as Amy sat on the piano bench the crowd was confused. Was the gig still on?

Xavier didn't say anything, he just played and sang. When Amy's part came, some people were wide-eyed. Others impressed. Natalie was the only one glaring.

Once they were done, the crowd cheered very loudly.

Amy and Xavier exchanged glances of true happiness.

Once the gig was over, it was night, and people started to exit. Lia ran up to Amy wide-eyed.

"I didn't know you were THAT good!" Lia exclaimed.

"Aw thanks!" Amy exclaimed back at her.

"How did you even know what to play?" Jazelle asked.

"I read the sheet music they had." Amy recalled.

"Natalie was such a bitch to you!" Jennifer exclaimed in a slightly hushed tone. Nobody was near them, but you never know.

"Yeah, but it's okay. I'm not upset." Amy sighed.

"Why aren't you upset? I know I would be." Jazelle said.

"I'm not upset because I think Xavier likes me better…" Amy was cut off by a surprised Jennifer.

"YOU LIKE HIM!" Jennifer almost shouted.

"SHHH!" Amy hushed.

"WHAT? YOU LIKE HIM?" Jazelle asked in a surprised tone.

"YES. Now be quiet….!" Amy said.

"How could you guys not know?" Lia asked.

"We probably weren't paying attention…." Jennifer started

"We part here. Bye guys!" Amy waved.

"BYE!" They waved back.

That night was amazing.

"Amy!" Someone shouted.

Amy could hear running steps against the pavement.

She turned around.

"Xavier?" Amy asked in disbelief.

"Hey there." Xavier said.

Amy felt awkward and didn't know what to say, so she just smiled.

"Thanks for playing for us." Xavier said.

Guess what? My heart skipped a beat….and yes, it hurt like hell.

"Oh, no problem." I replied casually.

"Ren might be out for a while. If he's still out by our next gig, do you think you can help us again?" Xavier asked, his blue eyes pleading.

"Sure, I could help." I offered.

His eyes looked grate full.

"Do you live around here?" Xavier pointed out.

"Yeah, a couple blocks down there." I pointed.

Xavier's eyes grew worried as he saw to where I was pointing. Okay, so it was night, and I did have to walk by a really dark forest…..

"Let me walk you home." He insisted.

"That's okay …." I began, but I stopped when he gave me a look.

"No way. You're all alone and it's night. I have to walk that way too, anyway, so it's no big deal." He said.

I smiled.

"Okay then, thanks." I said.

The walk wasn't really ask awkward as I expected it to be. In fact, the way I felt around him was now like the way I felt around one of my friends. I wasn't nervous at all.

"Can I have you number?" He asked, stopping.

"Sure, It's - ." I go cut off.

"I don't have my phone on me. Can you write it?" he asked.

"Do you have paper?" I asked, pulling out a pen.

"No, just write it on my arm." He said.

I was glad it was dark, so he couldn't see me blush. I was actually writing on his arm…

"Thanks. I'll text you about the next gig. It's at Garden State Plaza, next week." Xavier said.

"Garden State? That's incredible!" I was even more surprised now than the time he said "café disco"

"Wait. You need my number." He said.

I looked up at him.

"I don't have my phone on me either." I said.

"Here, I'll write it on your arm." He said.

He was writing on my arm…okay, as strange as it was, I kind of liked it. Who wouldn't like a hot guy writing his number on their arm?

"Thanks, Xavier. Bye!" I said, waving and heading to my house.

He waved, then left.

I went up to my room and got into my pajamas. I might be performing at Garden State Plaza next week! Though, I kinda feel bad for Ren. I hope he feels better. But if he does…I can't perform.

Just then, I got a text.

It was from Xavier.

"Ren texted me and he's okay, but you're still performing. We actually need two pianists. Meet me at Starbucks tomorrow at 12:00 A.M, I'll give you the sheet music to practice."

I was excited, very excited.

Wait, he wants me to meet him at Starbucks. Is this like a date? I hope so…..

I feel asleep easily that night, wanting tomorrow to come soon as possible.