Finis's Words
By Daniel Mapp

"My limbs loose their strength,

For I traveled upon the airs,

Since She bit that fruit,

Within that internally lush grove,

Spawning me into an existence,

Where I dart about ceaselessly

In a seasoned ebony cloak,

As I uplift paling youths,

From finding their sudden bane

By each others harsh designs,

In well established fare lands,

Without that fiend Chaos's presence.-

Like a inflamed gliding sun,

I now take passage over,

The heavily ruin occupied east,

Which Mars hovers over laughing,

Gripping an keen scarlet scepter,

While overseeing their hectic tussle;

Making me highly sorrowful,

For I have suddenly figured,

Hearing one's bitter cry below;

Their wants drive these wretches,

Even for white eyed Justice,

Yet vile whip haired Wickedness;