Siri stood in front of a little old gate.

Such an ordinary, wooden, short gate. It was something she would commonly see in the countryside where she lived. Strange for one to be here, in the middle of a forest. What was even more strange, though, was that Siri herself actually came into this forest. All because of a note.

Dear Siri Lakota,

You have been invited to check out The Academies of Card Castle. Here, we give specialized training, and you have been chosen to come. Actually, you have no choice but to come, as you will later learn. (It has to do with magic) Anyway, come to a forest near you. In there will be a gate only you can see. Cross the gate.

Card Castle Staff.

Just what was this card castle, anyway? Siri was so confused. How did she know that this was the place? It was as if some sort of magic guided her. Creepy…

She was very hesitant to cross the gate. What would happen if she did?

Leaving aside her worries and fears, she tried taking a step forward. Okay, nothing happened….

She lifted the looped rope which closed the gate. The gate slowly creaked as she pulled it open. After she pulled it open, she stared ahead for a few moments. Finally, because this "Magic" was pushing her to, she walked past the gate.

Her surroundings changed from tall pine trees and a forest floor to blue sky's stained with a multi colored sunset and grassy green hills. Below the hills, on its own ground level, Siri saw a massive, amazing stone castle. It took a few moments to realize what just happened, and when she did, that same "Magic" pushed her to go and enter the castle. So she did.

Surprisingly, the doors opened and beckoned her to come inside. Siri found herself walking on a long, red velvet rug which stretched through the entire hall.

On the wall hung fire, weapons, and portraits. Some dead ends held gigantic paintings. On other walls hung helmets and shields. Some floors even had animal skin rugs. The lamps were it yellow, and Siri could see a big room with chandeliers.

She had no idea where to go. What to do now?