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There were many thoughts running through her head as she walked through this hallway. From outside this looked like nothing but a gate and a small building, but already Siri felt that she had walked a bigger distance than the whole building seemed. Was this what that note meant by "magic"? She nearly slapped herself at that absurd thought and continued walking. There was no such thing as magic. Still, she had to keep herself from smiling. This was just like an adventure. A secret note, an unusual building, a feeling of excitement and wonder.

The hallway expanded on, showing far away the glimpse of a door. Being unable to hold back her excitement any longer and making sure that there was nobody in that long, narrow hallway, she sprinted quickly to the door, which she opened immediatly.

She looked at the open door with an excited expression for a few minutes before her brows nitted and a look of shock replaced anything. Behind the door was the biggest room Siri had ever seen. The tall walls stretched up to a huge dome ceiling with a large glass window in the middle. From the top rained down heavenly light, illuminating the whole room better than any lighting could ever. In the far edge of the room was a stage on which a piano and harp stood on the side. The floor in between Siri and the stage was covered in polished wood.

A ring of small, circular tables covered in white linen tablecloths circled in the middle of this huge floor. In the center was a large empty circle where the wood shined clean, directly under the window.

Too shocked to say anything, Siri looked at the room from all angles and wondered insanely over how any of this could possibly exist in this unpopular forest. Was she really stupid enough to know nothing of this huge room, which seemed to be at least twice as big as the church in the town? She really had to get out more often.

"What a nice day outside, isn't it?"

Siri turned around in shock at the voice behind her. It was an older woman with a soft smile, gazing up at the dome ceiling with a casual look.

"Yes," Siri replied, though she had just realized that it had been very cloudy earlier that day.

"Might you be Siri Lakota?" she asked, not moving her gaze from the window.

"yes," the girl replied. Had they been expecting her? Anticipation and uneasiness made their way to the girl's mind. Though seemingly nice, this lady gave her a very bad feeling. She felt bad thinking so at that sweet smile, but something just seemed off.

"Good, good. You will like it here very much. There are nice people. You will have fun. Just be careful with hasty choices and shallow thoughts. Losing a peice in a game is everything for someone who is ignorant, but nothing for somebody who knows their way," the lady looked at Siri with somewhat sad eyes before slowly walking away.

Something off? No way, shes totally crazy, Siri thought. She would have asked the lady one of the trillion questions she had if not for that wierd vibe. And so she was left alone to stare at the room and wonder some more.

Barely any time passed before Siri heard footsteps and saw a man coming towards her. "hello Ms. Lakota," the man said smiling as he was still making his way to her. "I am pleased to say that you have been accepted to our academy! But you already know so much from the note. Hurry, now, and I will introduce you to your room mate. We have to be quick so that we won't miss lunch,"

"what? I didn't apply here... and room mate? Wait, no, I have to be going home soon. My mother will hurry," Siri looked at the door from which she came from and suddenly felt like she would be trapped if she didn't run to it now.

"Your parents have already been informed and are looking forward to seeing you in a month for Thanksgiving break! They have packed your things which are now ready in your room. Lets hurry now, we wouldn't want to be late for lunch!" the man smiled again and pulled Siri by the wrist before she even realized he had grabbed her.

"What? no, no, no, you don't know my mother! she would never agree to something like this. Really, I must be going," afraid, she tried walking away but the man only pulled her more. It didn't help that he was smiling.

Suddenly fear was the only thing Siri felt other than a rising panic. Not being the type to get herself into trouble and trusting the fact that nothing other then this man seemed suspicious, she gave up and began to be led by the man through a door and down some hallways. Identicle doors with numbers were parallel to each other, each the same if not for a golden number on their head.

Suddenly, the man stopped in front of a random door which he quickly opened, and practicly through Siri inside. "Lia will explain. Now I must hurry," the man closed the door and Siri could hear him walk franticly down the hall.

"Well he's in a hurry," Siri muttered, turning around to face the girl behind her. The other girl was sitting on her bed, staring at Siri with a faint smile and excited eyes.

"Confused?" the girl asked in a friendly "yeah, I know how you feel" tone. Siri nodded cautiously.

"Let me guess... you had a dream which told you to come here, you went down this super huge hallway even though it seemed really small from the outside, you reached this big room all confused, you met an old lady that told you some random things that made no sense, met an insane guy obsessed with food and ended up confused and scared in a room being apparantly addmitted into an academy you've never heard of," the girl gave a slight smile and raised her eye brow questioning her genius.

"No, actually I found out from a note.." Siri answered, feeling a bit better with this person. They seemed to understand whats going on.

The girl's expression went blank and she looked down. "Oh. I guess they've changed their ways... WELL, shall I fill you in? My name is Lia by the way, and I will probably be your room mate," she hopped down from the bed and went in front of the window at the back of the room. There Siri could see her in the light.

At first glance in the dark, the girl seemed to look average, but in the light Siri could see she was wearing a long navy cloak. She had a mischievous glint in her brown eyes, but also childlike energy. She pointed to the cloak she was wearing and started explaining. "These are cloaks we recieve based on our age, power, or rank. Oh, you will love it here! It's very fun. It's kinda hard, but hey, nothing can be perfect. To think that you were chosen is such an honor. I swear, sometimes I wonder whether or not any of this is real or just some dream. It's amazing. Very amazing," Lia looked out the window at what seemed to be the forest Siri had come in from.

"So am I really a part of this school now?" Siri asked, somewhat hoping for both answers. She knew well that either answers will upset her. A yes because her whole life will change, a no because her life would stay the same.

"Yes. And I'm afraid theres no going back," Lia gave her a serious, frightening look that only worried Siri more. What had happened...

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