Welcome to the life of stalker James Thorn. Being a stalker is his specialty…and actually his job!

Well, you must be thinking "What kind of sick person works as a stalker?"

We don't blame you.

You see, James Thorn isn't just any ordinary guy. He has superior finding abilities.

And that's just what the government needs.

They need someone to track down people, and even follow them for a while, to collect valuable information. James thorn is always under cover for the sake of the government. For the sake of all you innocent people out there who have no idea what the real world is like. You might have only heard of a few bad people, but trust us, there are many, MANY more than you could imagine.

So now do you think he's sick?

We thought so.

And if you still do, by any chance, think he's a sick man, then, well, your argument is invalid!


Because not all stalkers are sick, as you will soon find out.

Yes, that's right, you get to go on an adventure with a stalker! (:D)

Oh, well, you better catch up with him, he's already on his way.

Have fun!


A very strange author.