James Thorne sat at the back of a bus, dressed casually, wearing a pair of sunglasses, and reading a newspaper.

Oh, wow. Did you believe he was actually reading a newspaper? You've got a lot to learn.

That "Newspaper" Is actually his "Mission Planning Device." MPD for short.

It works sort of like a touch screen. Kind of like the touch screen you find on all the latest gadgets these days, like on phones or iPods. Only this screen is WAY cooler….

He was currently drawing a plan on his device with his finger while he squinted his eyes. If someone were to look at him, they would just assume he was following really tiny newsprint with his finger, trying to read it.

This map was for his latest mission. He was told a set of directions, and was drawing them out, just in case he needed to refresh his memory later. They were complicated directions, after all.

The mission was to follow this mad scientist called "Mr. Wells." People like to call him by the nickname "Wells."

But, wait. Just who are these "people?"

From what James has heard, he assumes they are drug dealers.

James's mission is to follow Wells around and collect information about what he is doing. James will need to sneak into his lab to collect a sample. The sample wanted is of this new "drug" Wells has created, which is selling like crazy in the black market.

James had to get off at the next stop. Oh, look, here it is! Didn't you hear that beep? Of course you did!

To an ordinary person, this place would look like a bus stop next to an abandoned building with a broken window and a dark ally. To James, this looked like his mission was about to begin. Somewhere in the depths of that abandoned building, he knew, was Well's laboratory. He needed to find it.

"How is he going to get in?" You're probably wondering.

Listen up. This is James, and if you knew James, then you would know that he OBVIOUSLY has a plan.

Here's the plan, since you're obviously DYING to look at it. (James needed to take it out to look at it too, anyway)

Step one: Walk down dark alley until you reach the middle. (use flashlight)

James turned on his flashlight, and quietly snuck down the alley while he was sure nobody was watching.

Step two: With a flashlight, find a small, metal keyhole in the brick wall.

James then flashed his flashlight against the dark brick wall. It took him a while, but he found the key hole.

Step Three: Open it.

James was a pro at opening locks without keys. However, this one was quite tough. He managed to get it open by sticking in a safety pin, which surprisingly was the exact same shape a the needed "key."

Step Four: Enter and take an immediate right.

James turned right as soon as he entered the dark, abandoned building. His flashlight was turned off, because nobody should be able to see him.

Step five: Enter the fourth door to the left.

James was in pitch black darkness. He turned on his night vision glasses. Yeah, on the bus earlier, those actually weren't sun glasses. Tricked you again!

James didn't just open the door. How could he? Just imagine opening the door into a dark room and letting a bunch of drug dealers and a mad scientist see you. Our point exactly.

To make sure the room was empty, James switched his glasses from night – vision mode to X-Ray mode.

Yeah, it was empty. James entered.

Step Six: enter the closet.

In this room was a very small and strange closet. Again, James X-Rayed it. Nothing there.

He entered the closet.

Step Seven: Push red button.

James switched from X-Ray mode back to night-vision mode. He found the red button, and pressed it without hesitation.

Immediately, James found himself sliding down a metal slide. If you pushed aside the fact that getting caught at any moment could get you killed, it was actually kind of fun!

James wasn't an idiot to just fall into the lab. He held the edge of the slide, stopping himself. Again, he scanned the area with his amazing X-Raying mode. Thank god, it was empty! James knew he could always count on his timing. He let go of the edge, and found himself at the end of the metal slide, finally in the lab.

Step eight: Find the drug. It is a red liquid kept in a bottle inside a cooler a few days before he takes it out to dry and harden. With the mini medicine dropper given, collect a sample of this red liquid. Put the sample inside the given jar.

James had his jar and dropper ready. Now, he switched his glasses to color sense mode. He combined it with X-Ray, and set the color to "red." The red liquid was actually inside the cooler right in front of him.

Slowly, James opened the cooler. A white mist blew out. Beyond the mist was a red beaker. James carefully reached the dropper inside the beaker, collecting the sample. It actually looked like the color of fruit punch, only it was much thicker.

James took the sample and concealed it within the jar. He hid the jar in his jacket pocket, ready to leave.

Step 9: Exit out the back door.

James knew where the back door was. On the top was a big, lit up sign that said "EXIT."

James exit, and was now on his way to meet this guy named Al who also worked for the government and was a part of this mission. James would give the sample to Al so he could study it.

After that, Part two of the mission would begin for James, which was the stalking part.

He would have to find and stalk Professor Wells.


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