Once upon a time, there was a prince named Vince and he had the sun as his chest. Well, he was 2 months old, loved by all his people and his mother and father, the sun of his kingdom. But one day, while the king and queen left to attend a ball, a witch, masked in a black veil, abducted the little baby Prince, and carried him off, on her broom, to a far away land. Because little Vince was the sunshine of his Kingdom, when he was gone, the shadows overcame every inch of the land, thunder roared everywhere, and the rain wouldn't stop pouring. Rivers flooded the land, and the Kingdom was in destitute. But the King and Queen, already overwhelmed in sadness, were helpless in their Kingdom's chaotic situation, all because their sunshine was gone…

Little did they know, that baby Vince was actually captured deep inside a cave guarded by a fierce dragon. And it was in that cave, where the witch, begins her plan to take over the kingdom. For she knows, that when the time comes, Vince's sunshine will give her a weapon that is invincible.

20 Years Later…

Vince is now a grown man, and although he doesn't know that he is a prince, the sun is still in his chest. So in the cave, where he resides with the dragon and the evil witch(he thinks is his mother), the flowers bloomed, and life flourished. But everywhere else, outside the cave, life was still in destitute, and the Kingdom was still in chaos.

And in those 20 years, the unknowing Prince and the dragon became best friend, and even though they never left the cave, for the evil witch told him not to, they found their own forms of entertainment, like fishing in the pond, teaching the dragon how to puff out heart shaped smoke, all sorts of things. Little did they know, that the great bond that they shared would later yield a powerful weapon.

The first time they encountered this weapon, was when the witch finally gave permission to Vince to leave the cave and into the forest that they were in, but only within a certain boundary that he cannot go beyond. It was a chilly night, the very first time they left the cave. The pine trees, loomed over the landscape, like a big monster about to leap unto their victims. There were constant howls by nearby wolves, as they sat on the top of the mountain, with the moon resting behind them.

If only with eyes, Vince could not tell the different between the cave and the outside because everything was dark, but the chilly breeze that flowed through the night told him so, that this was outside, and this was the world that they've been missing. Vince and his dragon wandered deeper into the forest, and further away from the cave.

They arrived at a murky swamp, very moist, stringy leaves dangled everywhere, and the water itself was filled with green algae. The water must've been interesting, because Vince couldn't take his eyes off the slight ripples. He crouched down and leaned closer, then closer, and closer until his face was almost touching the surface of water.

Suddenly, long spiky teeth jumps up from the water and the alligator snap its teeth at him! The action was too fast, and Vince couldn't function, so the dragon, dives in, and swoops him up with her claws before the alligator can take another bite at him.

The alligator still wouldn't stop snapping, and even fiercely keeps jumping out of the water, and claws at the two. Vince was scared, but he believed in the dragon. And because of this belief, the most enchanting thing ever happened…Vince shone more than he ever did before, and his sunlight traveled into the dragon, and they both shone! The dragon then roared with all her might, flames of pink fire, a color that she had never done before, at the alligator. Within a second, the whole alligator lit up, and burst into a million ashes.

Vince and the dragon were both amazed by the new found ability. The ability was powered by their faith in each other, the love, belief, and the sunshine.

The dragon flew them home back into the cave and the two were happy! Happy because they did something that they never did before. The witch, who was in the cave waiting for them, asked Vince what they were so happy about. Vince told her: told her about their adventure into the deep dark scary forest, the swamp, the alligator, and finally, the dragon's new power. Vince was still happy for the rest of the night, but he didn't see that sly smile on the witch that only grew when she heard of the news.

A day later, the witch approached Vince in a very funny manner, almost in a sinister way, and said to him, "My dear son, come here. I have a story for you, one that is very important and you must hear it."

And, she told him a lie.

"20 years ago, the world outside, the one you just saw, was bright. It was a happy world you see? The flowers bloomed everywhere; there were no droughts; the people were happy. And even though there might be rain once in a while, the rain always seemed like tears of joy that created rainbows, never tears of sadness, anger or hate. And that wonderful world was ruled by a beautiful queen. That queen was I. "

"But one day, an army came in from the north, and invaded my land. They made my people slaves, burned my land, and stole my throne. And from then on, my kingdom was never happy again. The sun stopped shining, the flowers withered and died, and even clouds rained tears of grief! I managed to escape their capture, and went into hiding in these caves. But now, I want to reclaim my kingdom! Save my kingdom from these tyrannical people! From doom!" Her eyes were fierce with ambition.

She paused for a little, and placed her hand on top of his. "Now my dear Vince, my little boy, with your help, I can achieve this dream. Will you help me, your mother, reclaim this kingdom? One that will be yours soon enough?"

Vince, overwhelmed by the story, could only nod.

The evil witch gave Vince a mission to kill the King and Queen of the Kingdom, because apparently, they were the ones that stole her kingdom away from her, from them.

A night later, Vince and his dragon, flew to the castle.

"INTRUDER! INTRUDERS!" yelled the soldiers, when they saw them flying overhead towards the King and Queens part of the castle. Within minutes, arrows were being shot at them. Vince and his dragon quickly dodged them , and the dragon swiftly dropped Vince off onto the balcony of the Royal couple's sleeping quarters, before she took off and spewed flames at the soldiers that were aiming arrows at them! She had to keep the soldiers away until Vince finishes his mission.

Vince silently crept into the room, barely making a noise, but when he heard voices- a girl a guy-, he soundlessly unleashed his dagger, and held it at the level of his eyes. The voices were at the room, and he slide against the door to eaves drop on their conversation. All he heard muffles and whispers, but he saw, from their shadows, two people wearing crowns. Then footsteps came nearer and nearer the door from which he hid and he dropped down, squatting near the floor. The queen entered the room, unknowing that there was somebody else in there too.

For the first time in his life, Vince saw the queen, saw her blond radiant hair that had a distinct resemblance to his own. But he didn't think much of it, for he had a task to complete.

He leaped up from his hiding place and charged towards the queen. The queen finally heard him and threw her head backwards to see who her attacker was, but all she saw was the glow in his chest! But before she could utter a sound, Vince had her smashed against the floor, a dagger pushing into her neck.

Tears started sprawling out of her eyes. Vince thought they were tears of fear, but in truth, they were of joy. This was her son! She knew! His chest glowed; her son was the only one that had that!

Even with the dagger against her neck, she wasn't afraid. The queen only wanted to feel the face of her now grown son; the one that had been taken away from her for all these years… "my son…", she croaked.

"What?" Vince looked at her, utterly confused. He was here to kill her, not listen to her ramblings.

The queen spoke in a stronger voice, "You are my son."

" I'm not. I'm here to kill you and take back the kingdom that you stole from my mother. What you say doesn't matter, because you and the king are tyrants!" retorted Vince, harshly.

"No! That's not true! You ARE my son. 20 years ago, you were abducted. For years your father and I have tried looking for you, but to no avail! Without you, the kingdom has no hope, without you, the kingdom is doomed, because YOU are the sunlight to this land!" The queen lifted the dagger from her neck and embraced him!

From the embrace, Vince felt love and warmth that he's never felt before by the witch. And he knew, that this person, no matter who she was: a mother, an enemy, a queen, really did love him, and he believed her.

Vince promised the queen, now his mother, that he'll be back. He called for his dragon with a whistle, and the dragon stopped attacking the soldiers and flew to Vince. He plucked one of her scales, for the dragon had his heart, and only a part of that dragon, was worthy of the love his mother gave him. The scale was a promise: A promise to be her son, the rightful heir to the Kingdom.

Vince and his dragon flew back to the cave to confront the witch. During the flight, neither the dragon nor Vince had to say anything, for they understood each other, and that this confrontation of the witch, was a fight for both their freedoms, to never have to live in a cave again. And they had to confront her together!

The witch was standing there, already awaiting their return. She had a sinister smile on her face.

To the witch's surprise, Vince confronted her: "You lied, from the very beginning of my life. You lied t me, told me you are my mother. But I found out today, that you are not my mother, and you never were!"

The witch sneered, "You found out? You talked to her, I see?" She reached for something behind her and charged at him! "Well if you're not going kill her, then I guess I kill YOU." She flashed out her dagger and impaled him. At that split second, the dragon threw Vince out of the way, and took the blow herself! The dagger dug deep inside of her, blood spewed everywhere.

Watching his beloved bleed was painful sight, but Vince had no time to lose, for the witch was charging at him once again. He took out his dagger, and in the millisecond before she reached him, he stabbed her, right through her heart. The witch died within that second, and her last vision, of was his glowing chest, the symbol of the future ruler of the kingdom: a ruler that she will never be.

Vince crawled to the dragon that was bleeding on the ground. The dagger was still deep inside of her, making her bleed more and more. Her breaths were becoming shallow. Vince came up to her, and he cried. He cried for the fact that she is dying for him, cried for their bond, cried for the pink fire that they only saw once, but most importantly, he cried for the fact that she will never be with him again. She will never take him flying through the air.

In that second, Vince heard his glowing heart shatter into a million pieces.

His tears, drop by drop, merged with the broken pieces of his heart. It started to shimmer, to glow, and it lifted from the ground, over to the dragon. Light engulfed the dragon, and golden veins appeared around the wound where she was stabbed. The light forced the dagger out, stopped the blood, and healed her wound.

Then the golden halo around her turned pink, and to Vince's surprise, the dragon's scales disintegrated into sparkles, her claws turned into fingers. Now lying on the floor, in the pink halo and sparkles that were scales, was instead a girl with black hair.

Her wound was healed and her eyes fluttered open. "Wow… I'm human again…"

Vince was astounded, "You're a girl?"

"Yea I'm Leona, a Princess from the next kingdom, but the witch tricked me into drinking a potion that turned me into a dragon. And I had to do her bidding. But your love saved me. It saved me from the curse, and it also saved my wound."

"I love you."

Then of course, they kissed each other. But what they didn't know was that whilst they were kissing each other, the sun shone for the first time in 20 years. The storms stopped, and the rain cleared up. The people were rejoicing because finally, the sun shone again!

Together, they traveled back to the palace, except this time, they didn't fly, and they weren't being attacked. The old king and queen retired, and gave their thrones to Vince and Leona. So…

Vince became the King and Leona, the Queen. They ruled the Kingdom and lived happily ever after!

Oh, the ex-queen returned the scale back to King Vince, who gave it back to Queen Leona, the ex-dragon, and she kept it with her every day, as a reminder of her days as a dragon.


Author's note: Fairytale endings are wonderful aren't they? But are they ever real? Our dreams only become true if we find the right person. But how do we know who's right?

I wrote this for my boyfriend, but I don't even know. Our relationship is just too full of doubt. It's never just simple 'I love yous', it always 'do you miss me?' or 'do you care about me?' Now I'm really starting to wonder, that maybe you need somebody else that would never make you doubt their affections, because from what I see, that's all I've ever made you do: doubt me. Do I miss you? Of course I fucking miss you. I just didn't want to live in misery everyday, so I came to accept that maybe its enough that I still talk to you on a daily basis. I just came to accept that even though you're not with me physically, at least spiritually you're with me. But you never get that? Maybe our type of caring is too different. I just call you every day to show that I care, but obviously, you chose to ignore that fact. Yes, I know you really want to see me over summer, and I really want to too. But you're coming in July! Right in between summer school . Sure that might seem like an excuse to you, but to me, its an obligation! I can't just not go! And if you do come, and I can't make it, I really really didn't want you to be disappointed, and that was my biggest point. I don't want you to be disappointed. But I guess if phone calls are just fake cheesiness, then fine. I won't anymore. If 'I love you' is lying, then fine, I won't say it anymore. That's what you want right?