Why would God torture me this way knowing I can't have you and you can't have me

But He probably knows just like me that we is what really should be

I think you know too, I know you do

But we both got ties at home, what should we do?

I could be your Mrs. Jones cover me like Al Green

When she comes around nothings been heard, felt, or seen

I refuse to accept fate brought you back in the forefront

For us to stare at each other through the looking glass

Your the expensive shit I know I shouldn't touch

But I fantasize about it, every chance I get

I think about your fit, next to me, naw don't let your mind wander there yet

Just know if the chance was there I'd jet

Right over to ya, I think that's my favorite place to be

Side glance at you while you side glance at me

Then we both giggle, it's like we're kids again

Seasons change, you keep coming and going

Your apart of my list

A list of not knowing

Not knowing what your in my life for

Not knowing why you exist

Not knowing why nothing went beyond the kiss you placed on my lips

I think I committed a horrible sin to be tortured like this

I wonder if you think like I do?

Part of me wants you to, but then again I don't

Because if my feelings were shared

Well...that's a different poem...

I can't have you, you can't have me...

But what if you could, what would we be?

T. Speaker