I was walking through the halls, minding my own business and not caring at the looks I was getting from people. After being stared at for over six years, you get used to it. These people have no idea who I am, so they have no right to judge, right? For all they know, I'm just "Ice Princess Ellarie Deveraux, the perfect, smart, obedient student." They don't bother to look deeper than the surface, not that I even let them past the surface, but still.

I'm far from being perfect; in fact, I'm nowhere near being perfect. I have an average brain and I'm always listening to my iPod, so when the teacher tells us to quiet down, I'm always first to be silent. But of course, no one knows about my little iPod obsession. I am most certainly not an "Ice Princess;" I guess most people call me that because of how quiet I am and how calm I always look.

People should know that it's just a charade; a front, a shield. But they don't. They all assume that's how I always am, even though I'm not. They all assume that I'm not like everyone else who keeps secrets. My insides are screaming from how frightened I am. They scream for me to let it all out. I want to be free.

I carry this... burden, you see. I've seen things not meant to be seen. Things I didn't want to see… things that just leave this permanent mark on you.

"Watch where you're going, God!" Lisa Soprano sneered, slamming my books to the ground. "Klutz!" The Devil Spawn Group laughed as I bent down to pick up my text books quietly.

Lisa's Devil Spawn Group consisted of her, Gabriel Williams, Janine Williams, Lewis Parks, Haven Whitney, and Calvin Winters. If you haven't guessed already, Gabriel and Janine are related and their twins. Everyone in that twisted group is together; Lisa and Gabriel, Lewis and Haven, and Janine and Calvin.

They're not really called "The Devil Spawn Group;" only my very few friends and I call them that. We call them The Devil Spawn Group because they are seriously Satan's spawns. They're all assholes that everyone secretly hates, but won't say anything because they're afraid they'll be their new victim. They may look really "cool and beautiful" and all, but they're not. I don't even understand why they're even popular; Lisa is not that big of a threat.

I gathered my books and mustered up the best icy glare I could form. I glared at Lisa until she went back into the arms of her petty boyfriend. I laughed dryly and walked into class, taking my seat beside my best friend, Marissa Del Rossi.

"Hey Ella," She greeted me as I sat down beside her. Marissa is truly one of the most beautiful people I've met, inside and out. She has long dirty blonde hair parted to the side, a bangs fringe, big crystal blue eyes, perfectly tanned skin and a graceful smile. She greets everyone with a smile and never turns her back on anyone when they need her. I have no idea how I came to be best friends with her.

"Hello Marissa," I greeted her, setting my messenger bag on my lap. It was black, worn-out, and paint-splattered from the time I was seven and repainted my walls in my room. "How are you today?" I asked.

"I'm good. And you?" She turned, smiling at me.

"Well," I started, "I just had a lame confrontation with The Devil Spawns." I sighed. Oh, this wasn't the way I wanted to end today. I hated this class, though Mrs. Moore, the Argument and Debate teacher, has nothing to do with it. She's just a lovely old petite woman who reprimanded those that disobeyed her and laughed at some of the jokes being thrown around class.

"They are so irritating! Why don't you ever fight back and show them you're freakin' kick ass?"

"Because they aren't even worth the breath; if I started to pay a lot of attention to them, Lisa's head would get bigger and probably explode from the attention."

"Good point. They're just so irritating!"

I chuckled and waved my hand. "Enough of them; they don't deserve to be talked about."

Marissa rolled her eyes and chuckled. "I suppose. So… practice at your place?" She asked me.

"Sure," I replied, brightening up instantly. I love practice! Marissa and I are in a little band that does covers on songs and a couple of original songs, though the only place we ever play is at my house after school. "Are we all going?" I asked, referring to our two other friends, Veronica "Ronnie" and Kaden Bloom, another set of twins who were also our other guitarist and drummer.

"Yes ma'am. Do you mind if I catch a ride with you?" Marissa asked, obviously not wanting to go on the bus. "My God, do you have any idea what happened to me this morning when I was on the bus?"

I shook my head.

"Some gross old creeper freakin' put his damn hand under my skirt and felt me up!" She hissed. "These are stupid uniforms! I swear to God, if we didn't have this damn image to keep up for the school, I would have kneed him where the sun does not shine."

Ah, the uniforms. Yes, we were in high school, but we actually have to wear uniforms to school. The girls have to wear a black skirt; white buttoned up shirt with the schools crest on the left breast; a black vest or blazer and a tie of our choice. The guys have to wear black pants or very dark jeans and either the black or white buttoned up shirt with the school crest on the left breast and a black jacket. Of course, they also got to wear a tie of their choice. Our school, Gargoyle Night Academy, had the crest of a gargoyle on a crescent moon. The only things we have free reign on are our shoes, our hair, and what we have on our bodies.

I laughed, "Why don't you ever ask me to pick you up?"

Marissa rolled her eyes and waved her hand. "That's a waste of gas! I'm perfectly fine taking public transportation. I don't mind being near people… except for that fucking pervert on the bus this morning!" Her hand clenched into a fist and she slammed it down on her desk.

"I do not appreciate you trying to damage school property, Ms. Del Rossi," Mrs. Moore reprimanded with her thick English accent, walking up to the front of the classroom with a clipboard clutched in her hand.

The classroom is arranged by rows and columns of six. There's a wooden desk in the front of the classroom with the cliché apple on the desk and whiteboards in the front and back of the classroom. On the side of the room is a glass window that gives you full view of the parking lot with its multi-colored cars and vans, the bricked front office, and the oak tree with benches scattered around the field where a lot of people hang out.

"Sorry Mrs. Moore," Marissa apologized.

The bell rang and the rest of the class rushed in, hoping not to be late. Everyone took their seat and I watched as Mrs. Moore shuffled some papers on her desk waiting for the chatter to die down.

Once it was quiet enough, Mrs. Moore spoke up. "As you all must know, today we are doing our anonymous speaker argument and debating," She paused, gauging our expressions before continuing, "So when I call your topic, please walk up to the front of the classroom and, well, start."

Dear Lord, I was hoping this wouldn't come. I didn't want to go up and argue. I... dislike it. And no, I am not one of world peace hippie junkies, no offense to them of anything. I mean, I love hippies just as much as the next guy, but–

Mrs. Moore cut my train of thought short, "First up, school uniforms." Crap. "May the two people whose topics are about the school uniforms please stand up."

Reluctantly, I stood up and trudged my way to the front of the class to join Mrs. Moore and–Gabriel Williams. Oh, joy.

"State your names and which side you're on." Mrs. Moore said before sitting back in her seat. "Oh, and Ms. Deveraux, please try and argue this time, hm?" She told me.

The class erupted with laughter, but I didn't care. So I hated arguing with people; big deal. I usually just kept quiet and let the other person talk all they wanted until the "argument" was done, but today, I'll make an exception to little ol' Gabriel here.

When the laughter died down, Gabriel started, "Most of you I'm Gabriel, and I am, apparently, arguing to keep the school uniforms in school." He took a breath before starting again. "Who, here, feels like other peers wear these uniforms better?" He asked. No one raised their hand. "Come on, at least a few of you have that feeling. Look, even I do," He added, raising his own hand. A few hands came up. "Well, I think we should keep our uniforms are because it keeps us all equal and similar to one another. Sure, other people could wear these uniforms better than us, but it keeps us all on the same page." He smiled briefly and gestured for me to start my part.

"I believe some of you know me," I started, "for those who don't I'm Ellarie. I'm arguing to get the uniforms gone," A few students cheered. I smiled, "I believe we should get rid of the uniforms so that we can express our individuality. Dressing in the same uniform everyday doesn't give you much about how that person really is." I paused for a moment. "How many people here judges a person by how they dress, or, per se, how they wear their uniform?" I tugged on the end of my skirt a bit. Some people raised their hands. "Exactly my point; everyone judges each other. Some people could wear their skirts like church school girls, and be a lying hoe bag, pardon my language. If you dressed to express yourself, you could have a general idea of the people you would want to hang around with."

"Ah, yes," Gabriel cut in, "But you'd only be judging that person based on appearances." The class "ooh'd" and I tried hard not to roll my eyes at how childish they were being. "I think we all shouldn't be so shallow and just base people on appearances. We have to get to know that person better before making any judgments."

"I didn't-"

"We should keep the uniforms," He cut me off with a quick glare, "Because it gives us less time to worry about how we're going to look today. Most students in public school take ages to get ready, and that's a big reason of why they're always late to school. If we had to wear uniforms all the time, it'd be easier to get dressed in the morning, and it could cut down on the late students. I think-"

This time, I cut him off, "Wearing uniforms does not let you express your individuality. It keeps you locked up in this thing," I gestured to my uniform, "And doesn't let people know if you are who you really are.

"Oh, and another thing; we shouldn't have uniforms because some of the girls here groped when they're in uniform. When you try to report it, people don't have the decency to believe you because 'you're just a teenager' or because they think you're freakin' high." I crossed my arms over my chest and huffed. This was not going my way.

"Yeah, well maybe some of those girls should pull their skirt down so it's not so high!"

"And maybe some a-holes shouldn't be perverts and grope women like they're property."

"This is not a debate on women and their stance in this world!" Gabriel said, glaring at me.

I rolled my eyes. "I didn't say it was. All I was saying is–"

He cut me off. "You didn't have to; this debate is turning to that point."

"It is not! I'm simply bringing in other… events to back up my stance."

Gabriel rolled his eyes.

This was going to be a long class.

The bell rang and we are all dismissed to go home. I walked out of the classroom with Marissa beside me as we make our way to the parking lot and to my shiny black corvette. What can I say? I like the fast cars. Plus, I inherited this from my–


I ran to see what she was yelling about, and when I saw my car, I froze. The doors and windows were scratched and there were dents on the hood. I looked around furiously to see who wrecked my car. Sure enough, I saw The Devil Spawn Group laughing and glancing in my direction, not bothering to have the decency to pretend to cover up their lie.

I clenched my jaw and counted to ten, attempting to calm down. When I used to volunteer at a doctor's office, I had to calm down the patient by having them count to ten or sing a children's song. It was fairly difficult seeing as the doctor's patients mostly consisted of children.

When I reached ten, I was still angry; in fact, I was more pissed than ever. And I almost never get pissed. I handed my stuff over to Marissa before marching to their group, ignoring her attempts to try and stop me.

"Who wrecked my car?" I asked calmly, my hands clenched in fists at my sides. No one spoke, and that really pissed me off. "Who the hell fucked up my car?" I shouted angrily, my eyes livid and fixed in a hard glare. I was shaking, and roughly shrugged Marissa's hand off my shoulder. I didn't even notice she followed me.

"Oh, I wouldn't know," Haven said, mustering up a pathetic innocent look. She twirled her keys in her hand, trying a bit too hard to make it look casual.

Lisa laughed, "Oh sure we do Hav, we did it, remember?"

I blinked at them. Slowly, I walked up to Lisa and smiled at her, then turned my head slowly to smile at everyone else there. "Oh Lisa; Lisa, Lisa, Lisa… Thank you for doing that to my car; I've been meaning to get a new one. It's been passed down in my family since it first came out in '69. So thank you very much for ruining my car."

I turned around and smiled at Marissa. "Let's go." I gathered my things from her and took a few steps away. "Oh!" I turned and faced Lisa," Before I forget…" I locked eyes with Haven, Lewis, Calvin, Janine, and Gabriel, saving the last look for Lisa. I pulled my arm back and punched her smack in the middle of her face; I heard a satisfying crack.

Lisa fell back onto the ground and clutched her nose in pain. She glared up at me and opened her mouth to say something, but I cut her off before should could speak, "I swear to God, if you ever mess with my car again… that's not the only thing you'll be getting. I don't freakin' care if you mess with me just don't ever, ever touch my car again." I spat on the ground in front of her before mustering up a fake smile. "Have a good day!"

Marissa grabbed the sleeve of my shirt and pulled me towards my car. "That was freakin' amazing, Ellarie!" She shouted, glancing back at The Devil Spawn Group every so often to see their faces. "Man, I knew you had it in you! I'm so proud!" She cooed, pinching my cheeks.

I swatted her hands away and unlocked the trunk of my car, pulling out my skateboard and rollerblades. "Take your pick: skateboard or rollerblades?" I held the two out for her to choose. I, personally, liked to use my skateboard, but rollerblades are just fine if she decided to take it.

She chose my rollerblades and kicked off her sneakers. "It's a good thing I can fit your things; I don't think my skateboarding skills are up to top anymore," She chuckled. "Mind if I keep my shoes in here? I want to take these baby's to school tomorrow."

"Go ahead," I said.

Marissa threw her shoes into my trunk and strapped on the rollerblades. Thanks to The Devil Spawn Group, the twenty-five minute drive to my house has been extended to at least an hour ride over.

I don't even understand what I did to them; this is the most I've even spoken to them in all the years we've co-existed together! It's really stupid how they chose to vandalize my car instead of, say, someone like Peter Indie who actually spoke and acted against them. I mean, I wouldn't really wish that upon him, but still; my car? The car I got from–

"Let's start this torture," Marissa said, interrupting my train of thought. "Don't be so glum, Ellie dear! Look at the bright side; at least it wouldn't be an hour and a half without these," She gestured to my skateboard and rollerblades. "Race you to your house!" She shouted before taking off before me.

I chuckled and shook my head. I glanced back at The Devil Spawn Group who was now trying to help Lisa with her nose, and shook my head. Maybe things will work out over time.

Well, Marissa had enough of a head start; I'll just catch up to her now.

Hahaha, oh my God. This is actually up. I've had this story since 2008 and I posted it to one other website with MAJOR grammar and spelling errors. Plus, it made no sense whatsoever. This is a re-write and edited version I have started because of the summer. This is not at the top of my list to do during summer, so.

I know it seems boring now, but I think it gets better. I even wrote a few songs for this! :D