Black Lace

Chapter One

I still couldn't understand how or why I was doing this in the first place. It had originally started out as a dare between me and a couple of my girlfriends (girl who are friends not girlfriends. I don't roll that way. I don't have a problem with people that do however). But somehow I was back up doing this again, on a school night no less.

No, I wasn't a high school student but I might as well be for being so stupid to want to do this again without at least having a little bit of alcohol in my system. You're probably wondering what exactly I'm doing. Well let's just say I'm being as much as a stripper-slash-exotic dancer as one can be without actually being one.

I can feel the beat of the sensual music as I dance around the stage in once again something that's not normal for me; a black lacey getup that somehow makes me look even a little bit sexy or at least that's what the girls backstage and my friends told me before I got out here.

I had money being thrown at me from left and right but there really is only one person I'm focusing on. It's still kind of awkward that I'm actually doing this unwillingly. But that's beside the point, I was directing my attention towards the most dangerous guy I've ever known; Blake Rivers.

You're probably wondering how I'm doing considering I'm doing this all unwillingly and all? Well let's just say that if it was just me, him, and the town slut Melissa in the same room I'd actually have his attention for once.

He was sitting perked up straight in his chair as his smoldering hazel eyes stared right at me as I danced on the stage with another one of the girls who I knew as Devon closer to his side. We were dancing quite close to each other but it wasn't like it really mattered. I had succeeded on what I needed to do.

As the song ended and the lights died down I gathered the money that was left on the stage for my performance and then I rushed backstage where my friends were waiting.

"I hate you guys." I muttered as I slipped the silver and black mask that had been covering my made up face. I quickly made my way over to one of the vacant vanity stations and began to take off all of the glitter and the glamour. This was seriously not my scene. But when it came to dares I had to be the one to do it.

Before you ask, no I'm not a dare junkie. I'm not even close to that.

If anything I'm a truth whore that has to at least do one dare anytime I have to take part in the game of Truth or Dare. Why do I have to? Well it all started in high school when I took part of the game and wouldn't take a dare and so my best friend Marissa made sure that I could never not take at least one dare ever again. How you're wondering? Well, let's just say she's a very persuasive person.

"We love you too." I heard them mutter after a few seconds as I began to slip out of the things that I called clothes while I was dancing on stage. I just hoped I didn't have to do this again anytime soon. I wasn't sure if I could. It was humiliating enough knowing that I helped get some guys off just by shaking my goodies along with the girls who did this on a nightly basis.

I changed into a pair of loose fitting jeans and a light blue hoodie before slipping on my chucks. I stuffed the rather large bundle of bills that I had collected for this dare into my duffle bag where the rest of my things were and then followed my girlfriends out back to the car where we were gonna dump my things and then head back into the club so that we could have a few drinks.

There were probably be more than a few for me for once.

I really was gonna need it if I wanted to not run out of there right now.

Oh and my name is Alison by the way just in case you're wondering. Welcome to my slightly crazy world. I hope you're ready for some fun.

A/N: Hello there. Well this is somewhat of a new story. I've kinda been inspired by another story that I've read on here before, though this one is definitely different as you'll soon see. So please let me know what you think and I will try my best to get a new chapter up soon.