Alexander Willing

Fresh apple vitality;

Living these

Fruitful days

In an ever-tasteful reality;

Honeydew-cantaloupe cool,

Calm and collected,

With slices of watermelon sights;

A nectar medley ingested

By starving souls and hearts;

These moments are citrus-golden,

Waiting to be peeled apart;

Blueberry smarts,

With a peachy keen demeanor;

Divine as the grapevine scent;

Yielding bold wine,

If the time is well-spent;

But in all fields lurk baskets

Of rotten produce;

Spruce up life with water, sugar,

And hand-squeezed lemon juice;

Coconut-banana stamina,

Given a mango-pineapple twist;

An orange glow dawned on the land

As the moon and sun kissed;

In her plum-painted dress,

She dances richly to the rhythm;

That strawberry-kiwi aroma

Adds chroma to her prism;

This is truly flavorful—

Come and get a bowl of this salad;

The very first bite is promised

To diversify your palate.