Honestly, I kind of got the idea from this book I was reading, "Spellbinder" by Helen Stringer. But the only thing that's the same is that a girl sees ghosts and when someone near to her dies, nothing changes, really. So…I just had to clear that up. I'm not trying to steal her story; I just got an idea from it. :3 Hope you enjoy my story!

Prologue-Far From Normal

Hey there. My name's Emma. Emma Knox to be exact. I am a sixteen year old girl with black hair and green eyes. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I can see ghosts. I've always been able to except when I was little, I thought it was a normal thing. Imagine how shocked I was to find out it wasn't. I'm kind of a loner, but that's okay, I'm so awesome it makes up for my lack of friends.

I do have one friend though. Her name is Allison Bennett and she's a ghost. For some reason, she appears in black and white, unlike any ghost I've ever seen. She never told me how she died; it's kind of a touchy subject for her. Well, I guess your own death would be a pretty touchy subject…

I also have a boyfriend. His name is Alec White. I don't know why in the world, out of all the girls in our school, he asked me out. But he did. I know, being only sixteen I can't really say I loved him. But I did. A lot. And I still do. You see, he died in a car crash a year ago. Since I can see ghosts, this was no problem. Well, maybe the fact that my boyfriend was a ghost…Now that I think about it, that sounds really creepy and insane.

But anyway, we're still together…Even though he's dead. Okay, now I sound extremely insane.

Anyway, we go to Hawkins High School. Pretty sweet name, right? The only problem is that it's the place where dreams go to die. Seriously. This place is a freaking death trap. Bullies, insane teachers, a cheese load of homework every day. And ghosts! People think I'm weird enough. I don't need them thinking I talk to myself.

And another thing. Remember how I said I was a loner? I wasn't always like that. I had some friends…Of the male type. I kind of used to be "one of the guys" but Alec was and is a very jealous guy. When he was alive, he really couldn't do anything about it because those guys were his friends too. But after he died, he figured if they couldn't see him, he wasn't doing much harm. And so he scared them off. Actually, Alec scares everyone off. So I don't try to make friends with anyone anymore.

Oh, and my parents. At first, my dad flipped out when he found out about Mom and her ghost-seeing abilities. How do you think he reacted when he found out his little baby girl and Mom's relatives could too? Yeah. He freaked out. But now he's just used to it. Sure, it annoys him when my mom is talking to a ghost while he's trying to read his newspaper or something, but other than that he's totally cool about it.

So…There you go. I'm not your average teenage girl. Far from it, really.

If you're not much a fan of creepy stories that make it so you can't sleep at night, don't worry. This won't be one of those stories. I hate creepy, scary stories, actually. This is supposed to be a funny story... :3 There might be a creepy chapter if she ever finds out how Allison died, but I don't know what's going to happen next, really. Sorry this chapter was so short by the way...

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