And here's the ending :D

Part Two: The Perspective of Pearl

Jacob describes things in detail. I could tell when we were kids: he's a natural-born storyteller. I'm not. I fumble over words. I go too quickly. I may have seemed so in control the day we met, but my heart was hammering the entire time.

And not just because he'd found out my secret.

Jacob's green eyes had me grounded the instant they locked with mine. He was gravity and I got sucked down. In that second, I knew he was special.

But I also knew he was human. So I tried to lie to him (But my name really is Pearl. My middle name, anyway.), even though he was obviously convinced of the truth. So I stopped pretending. Who knees, I though to myself, maybe something good will come out of it.

Now, do you see why I'm a bad storyteller?

I've offered no descriptions. I'm moving fast. I'm stumbling already. I'm nearly finished.

Because I'm so used to the speed of the wind, I have trouble taking it slow. Jacob helped me with that, even if he can't cure me of it. He helped me walk to places I would usually fly to. He made me feel human with everything he did, starting with that scarf he let me borrow. I still use it. I'm using it now. It still smells a little like him. I love it.

I admit, though, that I lied to Jacob more than once. I have no family, or anything I boasted about when I talked of me being 'average'. How stupid. However, I think he knew I wasn't being honest. Just like he could read the emotions on my face, and how he knew my heart would sing when he held me so close.

How he knows I'm coming back.

The wind can't keep me away anymore. So near his window, I am strong like stone. But underneath this stone, my heart is pumping fiercely. Jacob makes me feel so human. I no longer feel like a bird, all alone and free in the world.

I take a deep breath. I wonder what I will say. If I need to say anything.

Maybe I'll just fly in there.

Or walk through the door. I don't know what he expects, but I know he's waiting.

And he's no baby. I owe him a kiss. More than one.

You see how I'm a bad storyteller? Jacob would've given you a clean ending.

Tell me what you think, hmm?