Author's Note: Wow, it's been almost a year since I last updated. Life kinda got in the way of things, so I apologize to anyone who is still looking at this story. I'm going to try and work harder on finishing this, and if you've stuck by this long, thank you. Just a heads up: this has detail sexual situations. If that makes you uncomfortable, you may just want to skip it. Otherwise, enjoy.



Sex was never something Ethan considered intrinsically intimate. Losing your virginity to Stacy Morgan in the back of your first car at sixteen seemed more like a teenage rite of passage, not an expression of love or even real interest. He didn't consider himself a whoremaster, but when there was a hot chick, he wouldn't bat an eye towards her. Serious relationships weren't his thing. Usually they lasted for a few months before the "big fight" and breakup. He had too many burned bridges in the relationship department. That was probably why falling for Adamina scared him more than anything else. He'd had his flings, sure, and they were fiery and passionate.

They were nothing like this.

Any instant where his skin made contact with hers, his body felt perfectly aligned with the world. He knew he sounded like a fucking pansy, and he didn't care. Truth didn't need to be macho. A craving would consume his body; a need to feel her everywhere, to be drowning in her scent and touch. It was becoming harder to control once they confessed how they felt. Ethan knew that Adamina had been abused in the past. She probably didn't even view sex as anything special. The thought of how many men she slept with in order to hunt (women, too, but that was hot to him) would make him shudder. It had been around two months since he last had sex, with Janice being that person.

He had his hand, of course. But that left little to his imagination. Was he a pervert, when he would imagine what Adamina's hands would feel like on him or how she would seduce him? Most likely. At first, he felt disgusted at himself for even thinking of her that way. She was different than the others. So different. He wondered off and on how she would feel if he touched her. Adamina deserved better than what she got. There was a desire for him to show her what she deserved, in the most intimate way. His thoughts shifted to how he could please her, how he could make her scream out his name, and his name alone. Never did he expect it to happen so soon. He wasn't about to object though.

Yet as he felt her naked body cradled against his, he was scared. Actually terrified. He didn't know what she liked or disliked. Or how she would react. Damn, did she feel so soft…like fresh dough he once kneaded when an ex showed him how to make pizza from scratch. His fingers traced the invisible lines of her back, savoring how her skin made him feel dizzy. He wondered if it was possible for him to come just from feeling her like this. His pants were entirely too fucking tight at the point, but he pushed that need to the darkest depths of his mind while he still had some blood function. Soft, melodic moans came from her mouth, exciting him even more as he explored her. The need to taste her overwhelmed him, and he slithered his tongue along the skin of her shoulder, up to her neck. He groaned as he tasted what was like honey from her skin. His hands travelled on their own at this point, landing just below her flawless tits. With another strike of fear, he reluctantly pulled away to catch his breath and look in Adamina's eyes. They were dark, almost black as they stared at him with surprise. "Is…is this okay?" His voice was deep and husky, filled with want and uncertainty.

Seconds passed like hours as he waited for her answer. Did she want to stop? Maybe he hurt her somehow…but she was so much stronger than him. Ethan was about to pen his mouth to ask again, when he felt her hand grasp his wrist, lifting it over her left breast, gently squeezing the mound of flesh. He gasped at the forwardness of her movement, but was silenced with her warm mouth on his. The fear melted away then, replaced with impenetrable desire. Maybe it was because he hadn't gotten laid in months. Maybe it was because this might be the first meaningful sexual experience he'd have. Maybe it was just because he was together with her. Whatever it was, it let out the beast that hid inside him, because the next minute he found himself shoving her against the closest wall, ignoring the smashing sounds of her body hitting the drywall and making some plaster crackle and fall.

She was letting him control her; and it made him want her even more, if that was possible. Breaking free of her lips, he licked along her jaw, travelling down her neck and upper chest while his hands grabbed hers and held them over her head against the wall. Adamina's chest was heaving as if she ran a marathon, which amused him slightly since he knew she didn't need to breathe. The friction of his grinding hips into hers made him growl into her flesh as he made his way down to her supple mounds. Hearing her cry out as his mouth teased the hardening tips alternatively made it more difficult for him to ignore his growing…problem. Adamina broke free of his hold and he felt her fingers lace around the loops of his jeans, yanking downwards. Ethan froze the instant he felt the cold air hit him; she had destroyed his jeans in one swift movement.

Jesus, was he harder than an ice sculpture sitting outside in the middle of December. Pulling his mouth away from her nipple, he glanced up to see her smacking her plump lips in anticipation. Fuck, I'll shoot my load before we even hit the damn bed! Her fingers were ghosting up his thighs, resting at the hem of his black boxers. His own breathing was hitched now, and he attacked her neck once again, biting down while he felt her hands discard the cloth from him, freeing him completely. Ethan's hands grasped at her chest, massaging her just hard enough for her to moan into his hair. When one of her hands wrapped around where he wanted attention most, he groaned deeply.

Her touch was indescribable. It was better than any fantasy he ever had. Way better than Janice or any other poor excuse for a woman. She tugged at him, swirling her fingers around the tip, where he was already leaking wetness. What definitely didn't help was feeling how wet she was as he thrust his hips into her hold. Throwing his head back, Ethan tried to say something, as if to warn her not to touch him too much, but all the came out were incoherent mumbles. Sweat was drenching his forehead now, and he wanted nothing more than to plunge deep inside her. No, no I don't want it like this, the small amount of rationale spoke inside him. She has to feel good first! Ethan's hand ran to her waist and he forced her around their sides, tossing her lightly onto his bed. She gasped from the sudden gesture, but her eyes displayed excitement as he helped her up further on the bed and kissed her deeply while enjoying being on top of her body.

He teased her core by placing himself right between her legs and thrusting gently. Her thighs quivered, making him smile against her lips. His hot breath tickled her cheek as he brought his face closer to her ear. "Let me show you…what you've been missing…" he huffed between gasps of air. She whimpered in response. Licking the outer portion of her ear, he chuckled at her newfound vulnerability. "This is…what it's supposed to be…like…" he whispered before biting down on her earlobe. Another mewl came from her mouth. Every single sound she made was like a song. His own, personal song. He planned on making her sing a lot tonight.

Returning to his ministrations, he played with the hollowed space between her tits, licking and sucking everywhere but the most sensitive parts. His hands kneaded her thighs and hips, tracing swirls and shapes. She tasted like heaven. And he couldn't get enough. Slowly, he kissed down her stomach, dipping his tongue in and out of her belly button to tease her. Adamina arched her hips, moaning at every action. Ethan realized he was breaking down more barriers she held, the more he touched her, the more he loved her, the more innocent she became in his arms. Finally, his mouth rested above her most sensitive area. The smell of her musk called to him; it was unlike any human female's scent. It was sweet, sugary smelling.

Ethan divulged in the gift she presented him, and he tasted her folds for the first time. Her hands grasped at his unruly hair, strengthening her grip at the top of his scalp as she cried out. She tasted like heaven. There was no other way to really label it. He lapped at her like a thirsty dog having water after weeks of drought. His hands held her thighs, keeping them spread open for him. Adamina writhed under him, gasping for air and murmuring his name while he teased her over and over. When his tongue hit the nub at the top of her entrance, she yelped. It amazed him how she sounded like a virgin; like she had never felt this before. He recognized it from being a teenager. The thought made him painfully hard, and his dick was begging for some release.

Not yet, he thought to himself as he continued on his mission. Her tugging was getting tighter, signally her closeness to climaxing. He pulled away, listening to her whine under her breath. A few of his fingers ran along the inside of her thigh, hovering over her entrance while he smiled widely. "Did that feel good?" he asked. Her eyes, which had been shut until now, shot open and she nodded with a sly grin on her face. "You are so fucking beautiful, you know that?" He grinned back, just before sliding his fingers, first one, then two, into her wetness. Adamina's body lifted from the bed as she screamed out; her toes curling. Ethan slowly assaulted her, drowning in the look of pure bliss on her face. Sensed her inner walls clamping down around his fingers, he lowered his face and flicked at her bundle of nerves. "I can tell you're close, Adamina. Let it go for me. I want to see you fall apart. Come for me," he pleaded lowly.

Apparently, that's all it took, because he felt her pull hard at his hair, buck her hips wildly against him, and scream out his name so loud he thought the entire neighborhood would hear. It was the hottest. Thing. Ever. She was shivering when he retrieved his fingers, licking at her juices longingly before crawling over to her on the bed. Her eyes were glazed over; her hair tussled around her. Though she had no blood in her body, he seemed to catch a hint of a glow in her pale cheeks. "Did I do a good job?" he wondered aloud, sliding his hand over the curve of her cheek as she calmed down. Adamina turned her head to face him, a satisficed grin plastered on her face.

"I've…never felt that way…before…" she admitted quietly, almost shamefully. Ethan frowned at that. His assumptions before were right. How could that bastard not treat her like this? Like the fucking goddess she was? Did she never even orgasm before? It was the most gorgeous sight! What the fuck? Burying his anger, Ethan kissed her cheek, then the corner of her mouth.

I'll gladly worship you every single day.

"I'm glad I was your first, then," he whispered.

"My only," she cooed in return, lifting her hand and running it along his forehead, wiping away his beads of sweat. "Was I too harsh with your hair?" Ethan laughed against her neck.

"Eh, I've had worse. If I notice any baldness in the morning, I'll blame you."

"Mmm…" she hummed. Her delicate, feathery hands traveled downwards, making Ethan feel nervous all over again. When she found his throbbing hardness, he gasped sharply, tensing his entire body. "I do believe that it is your turn, yes?" Shit, she sounded so hot when her voice went all seductive. Her hand stroked him slowly. Suddenly, Ethan felt a shift in position and found himself pinned underneath her. Her hair curtained his vision, so he could only see her face. Her mouth latched onto his, swallowing his moans while she continued to feel him.

He was burning. Everywhere. His hair was on edge; his skin crawling with need. Adamina's expert hand spread his pre-cum around his shaft while she kissed him hard. Ethan was quickly losing control of his body. He was thrusting his hips into her hand, wanting release so bad he could taste it. She pulled herself free of his mouth and smiled down at him, watching him like he was a piece of art.

"Fuck…that feels so good…ugnh…" Ethan couldn't find the right words; his mind was becoming jello. Not that he was complaining! Adamina's eyes were a coal-black now, glowing with lust, which only made her sexier.

"There are so, so many things I want to do to you, yet I find myself conflicted," she sighed. Ethan strained to keep his control, staring at her in hopes of holding back. The contrast of her cool hand with his boiling hot cock was driving him insane. "You see, I want to feel you so badly that it pains me," she said. Ethan growled like a lion in response. Hearing her say that sprung him that much closer.

Yes! Go ahead! I don't care! I need to be inside you!

"Shit…that's okay…I…" Ethan wanted to say it clearly. Adamina then did something that caught him off guard. She giggled. Giggled! It was the kind of giggle that a vixen gave right before taking you over the edge in one of those crazy pornos. Though, Adamina's wasn't as trashy like that. It was genuine. She had control back, but it was the kind that benefited both of them. And she was enjoying it as much as he was. "Please…" he groaned, the coiling in the pit of his stomach becoming unbearable.

Adamina leaned over then, chastely kissing him before fully straddling him. Was she going to…?

Holy fucking shit!

Adamina placed a hand on his humming chest, closed her eyes, and moaned as he lowered herself of over him. Inch by inch, he felt her warm insides as they squeezed him. He felt himself twitch inside of her once he hit the farthest he could go. Immediately, Ethan grabbed at her hips, holding her in place.

"Just…just stay there a minute…christ…" he hissed through his teeth. She felt amazing! Something clicked inside his head as he watched her breathe. As he noted the way her milky white skin glowed against his. This was absolution. Every shitty thing in his life led to this one, perfect moment. Being joined with Adamina, figuratively and literally, was what made it all worth it.

Then, she began to move, and all coherent thought went out the window.

-)* *(-


What had she just experienced?

The explosion that overtook her, it was like she was bathed in white light. Starting from just below her stomach, the ruptures spread out to her legs, past her chest, to her fingers, and settled in her head. It was ecstasy. She crumbled to Ethan. For a long time, she even forgot to breathe, not that she needed to. What he did to her body, the way he made her feel things she never had before…

Just hearing him instruct her was incredible. She had been forcibly submissive for so long, yet the way he spoke to her wasn't authoritative like Lucas was. No, his words were full of love and care, not power or constriction. The blazing fire behind his eyes as he begged for her to let go made her lose all sense of the world, letting the white light engulf her completely. She was floating on air, weightless and limitless, as her body shivered with jolts of liquid rapture. Nothing, in all her three hundred and ninety-two years of existence, had ever felt like that. Absolutely nothing. In a way, Adamina felt free. Alive. Wanting more. Suddenly, she wanted to return the favor. Make him feel like that.

Ethan then asked if he did a "good job". She stifled an exasperated laugh. After what he had done, he was second-guessing? Who was this man? No one ever asked her of her opinion. Then again, no one made her feel so good before. As she confessed the truth, she worried he would turn her away. Instead, he expressed gratitude. Realization dawned on her; how rough she was with him. Her vampiric strength was capable of destroying a human with a flick of a wrist; a trifle of effort. Seeing as he was unharmed, and rather lustful still, Adamina decided it was her turn to please him. Having practiced for centuries, she knew just how to touch him. And touch him she did.

Rolling on top of him, she felt how much he wanted her. The redness that pooled under his cheeks excited her as she stroked him, eliciting various moans and cries from his delicious mouth. She kissed him hard and slow, relishing in the taste of him. His chest tightened under her free hand, and she let go so he could breathe. Watching him writhe underneath her made her desperate. He was an exquisite creature; a mix of qualities she had seen time and time again, but the combination made her want to combust. His hear was drenched with sweat, clinging for dear life on his forehead. The emerald glow of his eyes smoldered with want. Each and every sound he made, every flex of his chest muscles, every thump of his heart made her body tingle. Her mouth watered with the strengthening urge to bite him. Mark him. Make him hers in a way previously unknown to her.

The conflicting feelings released verbally, and she could see that her voice was resulting in a faster-paced heartbeat. Ethan's eyes were glossed over with a thin sheen that humans probably would be unable to notice. It made the coil in her lower abdomen stiffen. He lost the ability to speak. She had done that? This quivering angel of human flesh beneath her was lost in pleasure, because of her?

A giggle came from her without another thought. And it felt…good!

A brilliant idea sprang to mind in that heated moment, so she lowered herself just enough to brush along his lips with hers. Then, as she closed her eyes and calmed her own emotions, Adamina pushed him into her entrance.

Adamina was not a buffoon. She understood the mechanics of sexual intercourse, the different positions and experimenting that humans had discovered over the centuries. Many of which Lucas had tested on her and hundreds of other women. But this was extraordinary. As she felt Ethan penetrate her deeper and deeper, the sensation of fullness racked her to the core. Lucas didn't fill her like this. This warmth, this comfort, this pleasure…it was brand new. It was quite terrifying, truth be told. And it was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Adamina heard herself cry out into the air, grasping at Ethan's chest as she felt herself hit her limit. The only thing to break the spell was Ethan's strong hands holding her hips in place.

He requested she stay still. If her heart could beat, it would be as a bird hummed. Her hair tickled the base of her back, and she fluttered her eyes back open. Ethan's face was one of magnificence. He was looking at her. Right at her. It was a look she dreamed Lucas would have for her when she was human. A fake breath caught at her throat as that memory lingered in the oasis of her mind. Suddenly, she felt like she was sixteen again, becoming one with the man she loved. Only, this time it wasn't under false pretenses. It was how the heavens deemed it to be. The hunger in her new lover's eyes said it all: he wanted her, only her, in all senses of that feeling. With a sly, appreciated smile, Adamina decided to move, driving them both into a frenzy.

Ethan's hands clung to the sides of her waist as she set up a routine motion, mewling every time his was close to being severed from her being. Then, each return thrust made them both moan out together, sometimes coherently, but mainly incoherently. Adamina wanted to put into words how he was making her feel, but the power of their love-making was eating away at rational thought. She began to demand for more, for him to touch her more. And he did so, without fail. He palmed her breasts heatedly, hungrily. He pinched at her blossom-pink nipples, resulting in piercing yelps from her. The familiar twisting and pulling down her spine reappeared, so she knew that she would not last much longer.

"Let-let me…ah fuck…" Ethan's cursing made her flesh prickle in a most erotic way. Their eyes met for a brief moment of understanding. Reluctantly, Adamina released herself from him, immediately feeling the loss of him inside her. They switched positions, with her hands clawing at his shoulders while he entered her as she lay on her back. "I…want…ugn…to see your….face…" he shoved through a growl that made her moan loudly. She bit down on her lip hard, meeting his thrusts with exceptional vigor. Ethan bore into her with a tense, crooked grin on his flushed face. There was a wave of warmth, Adamina felt, and she knew he was close.

"I need to feel you…release…," she murmured. He groaned; his eyes fixated on hers. "Please, Ethan. Just…for me."

Their thrusts hastened. His hands covered her chest, holding onto her for dear life as her back arched against him. Everything was beginning to blur together; her memories of her past with of the past few months. It was simply incredible! Adamina was growing desperate as she felt herself reaching the edge, and from how Ethan was growling above her, she knew he was right there with her. Together. Let us jump together.

"Adamina…I…fuck…I l-love…you…ugnnnh!" Ethan's proclamation did her in, and as she stared into his face, the greatest urge to bite washed over her. Searching out a safe place, her gaze landed on his shoulder and she reached, grabbing him and clamping down on his soft flesh right at the brink. Screams echoed throughout the house as his delicious blood trickled down her throat, causing her body to explode even stronger.

There was a long bout of silence between the lovers once Ethan collapsed on top of her. He was breathing heavily, and his body was well above normal temperature. Also quite exasperated, the vampires closed her eyes and wove her long fingers into his drenched hair, moving it from his forehead to press her lips against the salty skin. The wound on his shoulder was easily healed by the pads of her fingertips.

She knew his breathing patterns well by now, and as they slowed, she sensed him falling into a deep sleep. Her palm cradled the base of his neck as he adjusted his cheek along the dip between her breasts. Safire hues glanced upwards, thinking over in greater detail the actions just experienced.

He said that he loved me. How could that be truly possible? I am an unimaginable beast. A terror in the night cloaked in blood and false majesty. He is but a child, blinded by my magic, isn't he?

Her eyes closed for a single moment, and all she could imagine was his sublime body against hers, yet it wasn't reflecting the pure humanity that was bestowed on him. It was…deformed. No longer perfect. It was bruised and broken. She could suddenly smell blood. His blood. Everywhere. And hideous laughter rang between her ears. Too familiar. It was vibrating within her very bones. Too much. No.

"Ethan…" Adamina murmured as she forced her lids to move, exposing her eyes to the exquisite form still in slumber above her. A heavy sigh passed through her trembling lips as realization dawned on her. This moment. This wonderful, fantastic moment. It was going to end. The only bliss she had ever known in her entire existence would be lost on the shadows in the wake of her master. All she had done was make it worse, because she knew in that instant that all Ethan would be was fuel for the massacre which was bound to occur. His refusal to leave her side, even after the spell was broken. The false sense of living they had lived the past few weeks. Everything would be lost so very soon. It made her frozen heart ache. Was she cursed forever to live in hopelessness?

Freckles of silvery snow caught her impeccable sight at the side of Ethan's room, and she watched in curt silence as it fell. As the hours began to pass, she thought. She thought and she planned. He was a human, with a feeble memory. It would be easy for him to forget. Adamina would have to be convincing.

"I do not remember what it means to be happy."

"Let me remind you."

She would have to be very convincing.