Last chapter, short and sweet! Kudos for staying with me, my two lovely reviewers. It's been fun :D

Some days my job is very taxing.

My doctor habitually points out that standing for so long on my feet without rest is bad for my back. He says that the infrequent stress should not be ignored, because it is probably the reason my blood pressure is higher than desirable.

He doesn't order me to quit, though, which is nice. I don't want to quit. Not just yet. For all the hell it puts me through sometimes, I like this place. I enjoy watching all walks of life come through here. I love listening to their stories and seeing all these lives pass by me, even if they never come back. I like having Emeril as a friend, as well as our forgetful and slightly careless owner.

I like my job, with all its ups and downs.

The Lucky Four may not be a perfect paradise, but it is my second home.

That is, until the owner goes bankrupt. Or until one of these crazy hoodlums we call 'customer' accidentally tears the place down.

But that's just the luck of the draw until last call.

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