So This Is It, Huh?

Your eyes clear my thoughts
All my mind dries up
Are you hearing me
Or am I whispering too low
Words you'll never understand?

Everything is in order here
And then you just come along
Like dominoes, I fall right over
Wordless step by step
Too struck to stand up now

It shouldn't be so hard
There's no reason for stuttering
For my green-light race-heart
What's your unsubstantial curse
You put out before you knew me?

Will I return from these depths?
I might need some help here
Hand me the script and call for action
Things will flow like the movies
Until you call cut and I dissipate

Just say to me: it's okay
You can be who you are
You can say what you want
Because the truth is, now
I'll love you any way you come

But you didn't say that
No, that was just me here
All alone, wishing things were better
Greater than my empty lips
Yeah, that would be nice

But you and me know this is reality
So can we just get real?
It'll be like this a while longer
Guess I'll accept my fate
Unless there's something you'd like to add...

This is me trying to be quirky. Think it worked. In basics, this poem is about me trying to find a way to speak more than three words at a time to a former crush of mine. Don't worry, I leapt. And then I realized I didn't like him as much as I thought. Oh well. ;)