Maude and the genie

Once upon a time there was a girl, her name was Maude. She was very boring and grey. Everyday she got up and picked a shirt and a grey cardigan from her closet. Sometimes she wore a brown or dark blue cardigan for the variation.

Maude was always polite, she walked old ladies over the street and carried bags for single mums with triplets. One day she saw a guy on the street. His face was beet red. He yelled "Go away! Stupid genie! I don't need your wishes!" The guy shook his hand. "Dammit, I wish, this fucking lamp wasn't stuck to my hand, and that the genie inside it would leave me alone" He yelled. A cloud of orange and purple appeared. The guy tossed an ugly purple lamp with orange tassels away. Maude picked the lamp up and yelled "You dropped your lamp" after the guy, because she was a polite girl, who would do stuff like that.

When Maude touched the lamp, a genie appeared. The genie had purple skin and orange hair. Instead of a body the genie had orange/purple smoke with arms and legs sticking out the right places. "I'm your personal genie, and I will grant all your wishes" the genie said.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Maude" Maude said and held out her right hand. The ugly lamp was stuck to her right hand. The genie tried to shake Maudes hand, but it's hand went right through the hand and lamp.

"Can you remove this lamp from my hand?" Maude asked the genie.

"Only if you wish for it" The genie said.

"I wish, the lamp was removed from my hand" Maude said. An orange/purple cloud appeared around Maudes hand, and before Maude could say ASDFGHJKL, the lamp disappeared. Only the lamp appeared again this time at Maudes crotch. "Tehe" The genie said and pointed at Maudes crotch. Poor Maude was very ashamed. Her cheeks were beet red. Everybody at the street looked at Maude, after all it isn't everyday, you see a girl with an ugly lamp glued to her crotch. Some people even filmed it and uploaded it to youtube. The video became quite popular.

"Could you remove this lamp from my crotch?" Maude asked the genie.

"No, sorry, I can only remove an item once a day" The genie said. The genie was lying, but Maude didn't knew that.

"What's your name?" Maude asked the genie.

"Genies don't have names" The genie said.

"That's stupid, your name is now Hector" Maude said.

"But I'm a girl. At least I think, I'm a girl" The genie said.

"Then your name is Hectoria" Maude said.

"No, it isn't" The genie said.

"I wish, your name was Hectoria" Maude said. A purple/orange cloud appeared around the genie, and from then her name was Hectoria.

"You're evil" Hectoria said.

"I wish, I were at my room" Maude said. A purple/orange cloud appeared around Hectoria and Maude, and before you could say ASDFGHJKL, they were in Maudes room. "It's pretty cool having a genie" Maude said. This was the first time and last time, Maude used the word cool. She simply couldn't say cool without loosing the coolnes, she didn't have. It was also the first time, something cool had happened for Maude, because a genie is pretty cool.

A/N And so begins the epic tale of Maude and Hectoria. Hectoria, I love that name. It's a real name. I just googled it. It's French. If you ever get a daughter for someone, who isn't god,'s sake, DON'T NAME HER HECTORIA! IF you have a boy however... I will stop rambling now. Will this ever have more chapters? Maybe, probably.