Across the copper field grass
And above the cold ocean floor
I carry sentiments never told before

I hope to let them fly far
To unleash their hold on my heart
And yet, as a dead man I still lay

I listen to the sea, washing over
And as my eyes close, a cloud emerges
"What's your name; what's your story?" it urges

But alas, it is not the cloud here to save
Instead, a beautiful girl of timeless age
It is she who holds the key

She unlocks the cage to free my pain
With her words, her voice, her ears
She dries the burn of salty tears

My soul she does surely take
And with it she will let replace
A fresh new start on this precious life

A new perspective she does provide
With a glimpse of her wondrous eyes
And a smile too deep to hide

She is my savior

I wrote this poem I-don't-know-how-long ago, so it doesn't have a detectable rhythym (sp?). If you look really closely, the verses alternate rhymes, but still. It's not my best.

P.S. It's from a male's POV. Just in case you couldn't tell. ;)