Boiling Hot

I try to let it out, open up
But you push it down further
Why won't you talk to me, say you
Well, you should know that

You keeping pushing me away
There's nothing to blind you from it
It's plain and clear for all
You just don't want to look

And yet I keep coming back
Because you're still all I have
It's probably my fault then
I boil underneath my skin

Your rights must always be
Because you are why I'm here
But you hold up that pride
Like I must take it and learn

We do not reside on the same level
Well, of course, you know it
But I'm seeing those contradictions
You never hoped I would

Take a break, a notch down
Even when it's from a lesser
And quit growing this resentment
That thrives between us

This was written out of anger towards someone very close to me. I love said person very much but sometimes, said person causes me inexplicable pain and rage.

Anyone had a similar experience? Drop me a review. :)