A Manga by: DW Tyn


Supernaturals: That is the name given to all the other races that share this world with humanity. For many years, we humans have accepted the fact that the creatures of myths and legends exist. From the seductive yet malformed Vampyre to the wild yet noble Shifters; from the mystical Drakyn, to the mysterious forces of Heaven, Hell, and all the Spirits in-between. Most Supernaturals want peace with the Humans. However, there are others who loathe the Human race and want to rule it, enslave it, and/or destroy it. Of course, there are other Supernatural that simply wants to murder and cause chaos and madness.

That is where the Catcher's Society comes in. The Catchers are members of an organization dedicated to catch, detain, examine, and (only when necessary) 'liquidate' all 'Bumpers,' or rouge Supernaturals, and not only protect the humans from the Supernaturals, but also protect the Supernaturals from the humans. The members of the Society are an eclectic lot; from Catholic Priests to Shinto Priestesses; mad scientists to Magick-users; and from human to Supernatural. All have which set aside their differences and biases against one-another in order to fight for all whom live on this world; human and Supernatural alike.

It is now the year 1895; the world is nearly ready to say farewell to the 19th Century and hello to what awaits it in the 20th. This is a chronicle of group of Catchers stationed in London. This eclectic bunch of characters shall have many adventures; both humorous and dangerous. And, in time, they will face a threat in a battle that will undoubtedly have the fate of all in the balance. However, they will not be ready to do so for some time now. Thank The Gods for that.