Instant Radio Silence

P:"Maria, whats wrong?" Shes more quiet than usual today.

M: "It's nothing Mom." I feel I need to process the event before presenting.

P: "C'mon hon, you can tell me anything." There's something bothering her. It's a problem and I can help her.

M: "I don't want to go to ballet lessons." I feel awkward since I'm just starting. The others seem so much more graceful, and I feel like I don't fit in.

P:"Whats wrong with ballet? It's good excersize and a good opportunity to make some new friends. When I was your age, we didnt have studios like they do now." I should relay my past experiences to pass on some important life lessons.

M:"No, thats not it. I just feel like I'm not a good dancer." I don't think she understands. I've heard the annecdotal advice story before. I feel like my situation is different.

P:"Oh don't worry dear, we can get you private lessons if you like. You'll get better in no time." She's not confident in her abilities. I'll reassure her.

M:*Sigh* "Nevermind, Mom." She's missing the point.

P: I think she got it, problem solved.


P: "How are you Maria?" I should check up on my daughter.

M: "Fine Mom." I have a problem.

P: "You sound like theres something on your mind." My instincts tell me something is off.

M: "It's nothing Mom." I've been dealing with my own issues pretty well. Whenever I do spill I don't find the advice very useful.

P:"Are you sure you don't want to tell me?" I've given her good advice before. She's always been willing to speak but has gotten more distant recently. Did something change?

M: "I can deal with this." Your help isnt very helpful.

P: "Ok, well if you need anything give me a call." She needs time to think things over. I'll call back.

M: "Sure." I'll call my friend who gets me. My friend will understand. Mom will call back. She doesn't trust that I can make my own well-informed decisions yet.


P: "Maria! Hey, you remember the Johnsons? Well apparently they have a nephew from London coming to visit. He's a doctor and pretty hansome too! You should come over." I havent seen you in a while. I miss my daughter.

M: "Sorry Mom, I'm swamped with work this week." Here she goes again trying to meddle with things in my life. I've survived without her help for this long.

P: "Well how about next week? I already promised the Johnsons dinner and said you would be there." I know my daughter's personality fairly well. I can get to see her and set her up with a potential match. Like killing two birds with one stone.

M:"I'll have to get back to you later." I've fallen for my friend who understands. And even though it's not official, I think he feels the same. She would'nt approve or understand that I have figured out love on my own.


P: It's been a year since she ran off with that boy. I haven't heard from her since. Not even a christmas card. I tried to be a good parent, I did. I tried to raise her right, keep her off the street, and get her to stay in school. Where did I go wrong?

M: It's been a year since I talked to her. I wonder how she is. I wish she could see that I'm raising up my own family now and tell me shes proud. Nothing I did was ever good enough. She thought she knew me better than I knew myself. She never said I am sorry for not listening.

My husband has urged me to reach out. But I know there's no going back. I can't ever forgive or forget.


"Dearly Departed, we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of miss ... she leaves behind one daughter, Maria..."

M: Dear Mom, I'm sorry for not being there during your last days on earth. I still haven't forgiven you, and at the moment I feel angry and sad. I'm mad at you, at the world, and even at myself. We were once Mother and daugther. How did things get to be this way?


M: "Bobby you look sad."

B: "I don't feel like going to baseball practice."

M: "Here, take this pill. It will make you feel better."