The former man awoke from its bed, and performed the rituals that it had learned when it was still a "he," mimicking and observing his parents and siblings. It observed the figure in the mirror, eyes observing details any human would not obsess over. Finding its lean, muscular state optimal, it proceeded to clean itself after its morning calisthenics. After concluding its morning activities, it checked the contents of its refrigerator and cabinet. Noting what needed to be replenished by a quick scan alone, it set off to secure nourishment for the foreseeable future.

It walked down the street with a measured, precise gait that a soldier would find mechanistic. It turned its head as it saw its neighbors, repeating their waves and simple greetings in the manner it had learned to from years of observation. It even made small talk, effortlessly drawing topics and trivia from its subconscious database. It eventually reached the corner store, and searched the aisles for its desired purchases without the distractions of conscious thought, two hundred milliseconds faster.

Acquiring the contents of its mental shopping list, it withdrew exactly the amount of cash necessary to purchase them, and left the store with its fresh kills in hand. It arrived back home, instinctively placing each item where it belonged. It began to prepare a salad, throwing on different components as it worked its mental checklist for the recipe.

After consuming its meal, it worked on its computer. Unburdened by the distractions of consciousness, it programmed lines of artificial intelligence code too complex for most humans. With fingers faster and more accurate than an old secretary, it composed another component of the computer code for a larger project. A pleasure center deep within its altered brain tripped, firing off action potentials like fireworks to recharge the neural machinery.

The day would later conclude as it started, with the exhuman losing what passed was left of his excused consciousness, and preparing to repeat the same thing the following day. Ever since "he" had become "it," life had become much simpler. The experimental surgery had removed its conscious mind, but rewired the brain into something more and less human than the rest of Homo sapiens.