I met her on a warm day. She had shorts and a tank top on. I knew, just by my gut, that she would be my best friend. I don't know, it's like God came into my head saying, "It's her." So I walked up to this girl and said "hey" and smiled. She looked a bit confused at first, but smiled a flashy smile; the kind you see on movie stars, and said, "Hey, I'm Becca." I told her my name and how I moved there a day or two ago. She was the best listener; she didn't even answer her texts like I would if I had a text. "Hey, well you wanna go to the park and meet some guys?" We laughed. I said, " You know it! I just got over a broken heart. It sucked at first but he didn't deserve me." I smiled. She looked apologetic and said, "I'm sorry. I did too. We think alike!" She flashed her superstar smile that I now envy. I smiled and said, "We shouldn't be sorry, they will be when they see we're just amazing!" I flipped my hair dramatically. She had a loud laugh. Kind of like mine, huh. I laughed and we started walking. I knew, right and then, that Becca Shriser was going to be my best friend.