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"The most dangerous place outside of war is the average American home."

Isn't that the truth? This is dedicated to my 4 neighbor-kids. I know their names, but I'm not sure on the spellings. The oldest is Kaitlyn, Freddy, (i totally forget. It starts with a C, and I've only heard it twice) and Chloe. all of whom will probably never read this. Each child has a different father. I've met families like this, but Kaitlyn is the sweetest thing! Anyways, this is dedicated to you all. First chapter up soon!

Title: Always

Summary: Jerron Michael Troyer has 4 siblings; soon to be 5. All of his siblings have different surnames because each of them have a different father. His mother is Cassie, and his father is Luke Troyer, whom was married to Cassie for only a year. With his father in jail, his mother on her second marriage, his aunt in a major debt crisis, and his failing grades, Jerron is unwillingly put into Foster Care, and his aunt isn't too happy. His new foster parents are more then he ever thought possible.

Below are the main characters I decided to chart out. For ages, as of May 9, 2010 when the story takes place.

Flashbacks reveal 3 years later. (I'll include a date in the chapters)


Renee Thomas - 15 - Andy Thomas (Cassie's high school sweetheart)

Matthew Byrne - 13 - Chandler Byrne (Cassie's boyfriend)

Jerron Michael Troyer - 12 - Luke Troyer (Cassie's husband)

Natalie Harbaugh - 9 - Alexander Harbaugh (Cassie's boyfriend)

Alice Phillips - 7 - Danny Phillips (Cassie's boyfriend)

Curtis Larden - 4 - Alexander Larden (Cassie's husband)


Sarabeth Borger - Cassie's poor, but stable, sister who has been married for 10 years and has 3 biological children, and an adopted one from Korea.

Rebecca Stalter - Jerron's Social Worker

Conner Williams - Jerron's Social Worker

Mrs. Kauffman - Jerron's 3rd grade teacher

Mr. Kime - Jerron's Elementary School Principle

Randy and Amon - Bullies who love teasing Jerron


John - head of the house

Lily - John's wife

Bethany - 16

Isaac - 13

Faith - 10

Elijah - 8

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