Here is chapter seventeen !

My heart rate must have accelerated erratically because two nurses a doctor and my mother came running in to see me struggle to get up from the floor. "What happened? Did you fall?" my mother, always the first to ask the obvious question. I clutched the phone. "Blake?" I whisper, so worried it was a dream.

"I'm here love," he said using the fake British accent that sounded so incredibly real. "Oh my god! How are you? What happened!" I bombarded him with questions. My mother gave me a curious look, I mouthed Blake! Her face went from anguish, to astonishment, to absolute joy in a period of about 3 seconds. She pressed her hand to her heart and smiled a deep smile.

"Jess? Jess? What happened, I heard from my mother you're in the hospital! What the hell did you do?" He asked, his voice still scratchy but full of anger and concern. "Tell me," he prodded gently. "I accidentally overdosed on Tylenol…" I whispered, suddenly very ashamed. "You what?" he yelled his voice barely becoming a whisper but I knew he was angry. I cringed, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!" I exclaim. I hear him sigh. "I'm coming home, and I'm staying." He says. I know he's talking loud enough for his parents to hear. His tone had a ring of finality and I knew his parents couldn't change his mind. "I'll be there tomorrow,"

"Blake! You just got off life support!" I protest longing in my voice, but I was truly concerned. "Jess, you are not going to off yourself. And I will be watching your every move." Okay, so I smiled there, because honestly the prospect of him watching my every move was not an unpleasant one. "I love you" his voice sounded strong for that last sentence before his doctor made him get off the phone, I smiled as I hit end call. "He's coming home" I tell my mother before passing out and feeling the cool tile against my cheek.