Here is chapter two!

"Jessica!" Darcy was calling my name. Darcy Kendrow and I had been best friends since as long as I'd been here in Oklahoma. While she was the more studious, musical, serious one, I was the colorful, cheery one. We never really hung out in groups; just the two of us.

She was in my room with her portable keyboard, playing out the first chords of a Christmas song we'd been practicing like mad. She wanted to make a CD at her friend's father's recording studio. He'd already said that he would let her make either a solo CD, or one with a couple of friends. She'd opted for the friends; she didn't want to be alone in this.

"Hold on!" I shouted; the doorbell had chimed. I opened it to see the face of the boy I'd admired for years, Blake Brighton. I smiled warmly and welcomed him in. We lived in the same neighborhood, and had for close to three years now. He'd lived there all his life, while I'd only lived here for these past thirty-six months.

"Jessica!" Darcy shouted again, this time louder and more frustrated. I ignored her.

Blake came in the living room and took off his snowy jacket and boots. He ran his fingers through his hat-squished hair.

"JESSICA!" Darcy bellowed. "Darcy, come out here! Blake came over! Want some hot chocolate or anything, Blake?" I asked him with another welcoming smile.

"Hot chocolate couldn't hurt," he said with a grin, his soft accent causing my cheeks to burn. I'd lived in Oklahoma for three years now, but still I couldn't get used to his soft, sweet southern voice.

Darcy came out if my room, straightening her sweater. The pale green-blue reflected her eyes (they were a magnificent turquoise color), and made them fifty times brighter. She threw her long, beautiful wavy brown hair over her shoulder. A page of sheet music with only a few notes written on it was in her hand.

"Hey, Blake. How's it?" Her iPod was in her other hand, the headphones in her ears. She was transposing "God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen," to fit everyone's range, by ear. She was very, very apt when it came to music.

"It's okay. What's up with you, Darcy?" His blue eyes lingered on her teal ones, and I felt a twinge of jealousy for my best friend. She didn't like Blake, oh, I knew that, but he seemed more than interested in her. She was perfect, and denied it. Brains, beauty, and talent; you couldn't really ask for more. But, to my immense surprise, before letting her respond, Blake turned to me. Darcy looked taken aback, but not mad, by any means. She'd known that I'd liked Blake for ages.

"Jess, how about that hot chocolate? Maybe we could talk a little bit." Darcy is my best friend. She is not stupid by any meaning of the word. She knew before even I did that Blake wanted to talk to me alone about something. I nodded at her, to let her see that she wasn't forgotten, and that I'd be back as soon as possible… to tell her every word that was spoken between Blake and I. I turned and followed him, he in all of his perfection, into my kitchen.