This story is based around real events which have happened throughout my summers, which have honestly been amazing and I would do anything to have them back.

I'm 19 and can no longer visit Paris as much as I did when I was younger, and the same goes for my incredible group of friends I made during those summers.
Unfortunately as we get older our lives get busier and we have more responsibilities leaving us with little time to spend with each other.
I'll never forget any of them, and as painful as it is to write this I'm doing it so I can remember those memories in years to come.
If anybody does actually read this I hope you enjoy :)

"Please fasten your seatbelts as we prepare for landing, thank you."

I opened my eyes and glanced out of the airplane window, we were here. I took a deep breath, although it failed to calm the butterflies which were zooming around at full speed in my tummy. It was June 20th, the time of the month I looked forward to the most every year. I was finally in Paris, about to spend my summer with the people that I'd honestly call my second family. Although saying that... things have to change sometime, maybe it wouldn't be right to call certain people my family now.

There was Ethan to worry about, a best friend who had inevitably become more than that, but I don't think of him as anything but a friend, I couldn't. There was someone else, Jesse. He was one of the local French boys who I'd only just met last year, but we'll get to that in a minute. Not seeing him for 9 months a year makes things hard, but being so incredibly close to him for 3 months a year makes things harder.

"Melodie?" A voice shouted.

I looked up to see my mom waving frantically at me from across the street, she'd come to pick me up from the metro, although it wasn't a long walk to our village at all. She picked up my bag whilst spewing out question after question about the plane journey, the food, and of course her favourite... the weather in England.

"Is Jay at home?" I interrupted, knowing she wouldn't stop otherwise.

"No no no, he's down with the rest of your lot at the fountain. Why?"

I ignored her questioning and quickly kissed her on both cheeks before running off. I hadn't seen my twin brother Jay in a few days, I had to get a late flight because of different exam times, so I was curious to know what kind of scandal I'd missed over here so far.

Drama occurred daily during our Paris months. This year we could expect a lot more. Most of us had turned 18, and although a few were still just 16 and 17, it wouldn't be the same anymore. We had to move on sometime, and vacationing in Paris had to come to an end eventually. We just didn't want to think about that yet. People stared as I ran along the paths, I smiled and waved even though it was hard to make out faces through the harsh light of the sun. More than likely I knew some of them, it was a small town that was mainly made up of English natives, some here just for the summer, the lucky ones got to live here all year round.

"J'ARRIVE!"I shouted loudly, when I got within hearing distance of several boys.

Each of them greeted me warmly, after months of being apart. My oldest friend Oliver scooped me up into his arms to give me a bear hug of death, it never hurt when he did it though, it always tickled. He was the group leader, the oldest of us all, turning 20 in a few weeks time. The other guys looked up to him a lot, where Oliver goes they follow. It's always been that way.

"Finally little Mel, we thought you'd never get here!"

Jay shoved me lightly "I was hoping you wouldn't, if I'm being honest!"

I rolled my eyes. We had our moments, it could get pretty intense at times and while firing insults back and forth we could make a whole room of people feel uncomfortable. We both knew exactly what to say to hurt the other. We got that telepathic thing going on. Saying that, you'd never believe we were twins, let alone related. Jay was short, around 5'6 with blonde hair and freckles, I was even shorter with mousey brown hair and sallow skin, which I tried yet miserably failed to dye blonde a few summers back, it just turned red. It's never been the same since.

Jay stretched out his arms and yawned.

"Jesse's been asking for you, he wants to see you... he's working now I think if you wanna go."

My eyes locked with Ethan's, who quickly looked away. I had one drunken night with him last summer, and ever since then it had changed everything. We used to be best friends, you know how people say all that garbage about how 'boys and girls can never be just friends' I'd always snap back at them, insisting that they're wrong and I'd use me and Ethan's friendship as my number one example.

I guess I can't say that anymore, but not many people knew what happened between us that night. Especially Jay, if he ever found out he'd probably freak. Ethan may be my best friend, but him and Jay have an ultimate bromance, and no friendship can beat that.

"Mel...?" I realised I'd gone off in a daze for a few minutes without saying a word, or replying to Jay.

"Oh right yeah." I paused. "Um alright, I'm gonna go see him now then I guess."

"Good cause we're off to play some football, peace" He replied, punching me in the arm before walking off.

The others saluted and followed him, I sighed out of habit and began to walk towards the bakery where Jesse worked.

He could see me walking towards him, he quickly whispered something inaudible to his boss before walking around to the side door. I smiled weakly.

"Long time no see." I murmured, as he kissed me on either cheek.

"Melodie.." He rubbed his face uneasily, the moment had suddenly become awkward.

"I've missed you... how are you? I work for 6 hours but maybe I see you later?"

Hearing his voice made my heart melt, he spoke English in a soft French accent and the order in which he put his words had become so natural to me. Even as I spoke English to him, I'd mimick that same order.

"Yeah maybe, I go now to find Darly but I'll talk to you later..."

As I stepped backwards he took my hand and held it for a split second, before letting go and walking back into the bakery. I didn't want this to happen, I was hoping he wouldn't be working here this summer, because I knew by the end I'd only just end up with a broken heart and memories that would soon fade.
The piercing beeping noise of my phone woke me up out of my murky trance, I squinted at the screen in the harsh glare of the sun trying to make out what it said.

It was Darly.