"AHHHHHHHH MEL MEL MEL, WHERE ARE YOU?" A high pitched voiced erupted from the phone.

"Bonjour belle gosse!" I replied, as an uncontrollable grin spread across my face. Darly had been my best friend since we were 7 years old, we both went to some summer club that was full of French kids and so we had no choice but to talk and play with each other. We were complete opposites, in a way it was what always kept us so close. She was tall with deep olive skin and piercing green eyes. I envied her ability to turn a beautiful golden brown the minute the sun met her skin, while I got a half assed tan with freckles scattered across my nose and cheeks.

The boys always said 'they had the best of both worlds' with Darly and me, that we were both 'ravishing' (Oliver's word of preference, not mine) in our own way.

I'll never forget Oliver's face the first time that he said it to me when we were 15, we all sat together on the pier watching the fireworks for the 14th of July. It was a cold night, and we bundled together for warmth. He looked me in the eye and said it, all the others agreed.

After he leant in towards me and whispered;

"But you're honestly one of the most beautiful girls I have ever met, Mel do you even know how beautiful you are?"

Earlier that day we met one of our soon to be best friends, Tyson.

I was sitting at the pool with Jay and Ethan. It was one of those long, heavy humid days where time seemed to stand still. We had just spent the past two hours gloriously pretending to be Olympic divers, exhausted we crashed on the sun loungers. That's when we saw Tyson staring over.

"Ethan look, new guy at 12 O Clock!" Jay nudged Ethan, who had wrapped his towel around his face.

Ethan sat up and pulled the towel off, as his head swivelled around the poolside in search for the new kid.

"12 O Clock you dumbass." Jay moaned, cupping Ethan's head in his two hands and twisting it straight forward.

"Oooh okay alright I see..." Ethan rubbed his chin thoughtfully, it was a stupid habit he'd seemed to have had since forever.

"Good, it means we can finally play five a side football." He jumped up from the sun lounger, making the side I was sitting on topple down with my weight.

"owwwch ETHAN!" I screamed, helplessly scrambling to my feet and lifting the chair back up.

He didn't reply, but instead jogged over to Tyson, who now had a bemused expression on his face. He had seen it all, and obviously enjoyed the little show.

After a few minutes of back and forth talk between them both, Ethan beckoned Jay and me over.

"So this is Tyson!" He announced, hitting him playfully on the back.

"What's up man?" Jay nodded and greeted him with a friendly shake.

Tyson nodded back, before looking at me.

"Hiii...oh I'm Melodie." I smiled awkwardly unsure of what else to say.

"Enchanté." He replied, the bemused expression returning to his face.

Of course right then and there I fell for him, he possessed a certain charm that was quite rare for your average 15 year old boy. My feelings were short lived though. Later that day he had the pleasure of meeting Darly while I was out for dinner, apparently 10 minutes after they had met they disappeared together and we didn't see them for the rest of the night.

I don't know what happened, and I never asked her about it either. She never brought it up. They've been seeing each other on and off since. But that's enough about the past, at least for now.

"Come meet me by the pool Mel, I'm so lonely. I also have some shocking news..."

"Ohhh snap. Be there in 5, can't wait to see you!" I cooed, before hanging up the phone.