A little girl was next in line at the airport as the TSA agent motions her to come forward. Once she enters the booth, the agent then comes in and said, "Young lady, there's no need to be afraid, we're just going to check and see if you have a bomb in your body!"

Shocked, the girl then said, "But I don't hav-"

The agent cuts her off and said, "Do you want to go to jail?"

The girl stood there in silence as the agent began to taunt her.

"Do you want mommy to deal with her little angel behind bars?" he said with a slightly higher voice.

"Do you want to stay in a room with smelly sweaty bad guys?" in a higher tone.

"Do you want daddy get drunk and kill himself because his little girl got raped in prison for misbehaving at the airport?" in even more higher tone.

The girl started to cry but the agent continues with even higher tone, "Do you want your grandma getting a heart boo-boo because she couldn't stand her little angel being a baddy?"

After awhile, the girl was able to hold herself from crying.

Happy, the agent then said, "Okay then, now we're talking so stand still, it's going to take a minute!"

The agent proceeded to strip down the girl and went to feel her up. The girl didn't like it but remembering the threat the agent made, she pulled herself together the best way she can so that her family won't have to go through the trouble because of this.

The TSA agent smiled and said, "How old are you?"

The girl quietly said, "T-ten..."

"Well, for a ten year old you sure have a nicely developing breast!"

The TSA agent started to rub the girl's nipples with his fingers and then he gently began to squeeze her small breasts. Soon he went on to feel her legs, delighted by the smoothness of the skin, his hands caressed the girl's delicate lower limbs before moving up to her buttocks...squeezing it. Unfortunately for the girl, it gets worse as she felt the hands moving up to between her legs and then suddenly couple of fingers dug right in!

Several hours later, the girl slowly walked out of the booth with her eyes looking as if they're ready to burst into tears. Ever since then, her childhood have been stolen and refused to trust males except her family members.

As for the TSA agent, he would continue to work for the airport security and have gotten away with all his wrongdoings since then due to the complaints from countless passengers of sexual misconducts being dismissed as "petty complaints against safer security". Months later the TSA agent would be summoned for the jury duty in where he would participate in a verdict regarding the Casey Anthony case resulting in a wildly unpopular decision.