A Japanese foreign exchange student Ishida Hojo was walking through the airport metal detector when an alarm was rung. The TSA agents came to Hojo and said, "Sir, we need you to come into the booth in order to check to see if there's any weapons of any kind."

Knowing that it's for the best, Hojo nodded and came into the booth.

Once inside, to Hojo's horror, the booth was stained with blood!

Then one of the TSA agents brandished a sword and said, "We need to check to see if there's a bomb implanted into your body, in a time like this we can't take any chances...nothing personal."

Then the agent promptly gutted Hojo, killing instantly...

After spending hours digging in his body to see if there's a bomb, nothing came up.

"He's clean."

"Okay kid, you're free to go!"