Mark Yun is a businessman from Hong Kong who was ready to return from vacation at the United States when one of the TSA agents came and said, "Sir,we need you to come into the booth in order to check to see if there's any weapons of any kind."

Sensing something's up, Mark played along for a bit as he followed the TSA agent to the booth. Once he entered the booth, Mark saw the walls stained with blood!

Then one of the TSA agents brandished a sword and said, "We need to check to see if there's a bomb implanted into your body, in a time like this we can't take any chances...nothing personal."

As the agent took a swing, Mark pulled out a dagger and blocked the blade.

Stunned, the TSA agent then yelled, "So you are hiding weapons after all! You're not going to get away with this!"

"Yeah but I'm not going to stand by and get my stomach cut open." said Mark.

"Very well then, we'll have to settle this!" said the TSA agent.

Mark kicked open his luggage and took out his sword. Soon he and the TSA agent clashed blades, fight fiercely as the onlookers stood there like a bunch of idiots on crack. Soon as the TSA agent thought he got the opening he needed, Mark leaped into the air right before the agent swung the sword, slashing the pregnant woman's belly in the process. Mark returned the favor by trying to attack as the agent also leaped into the air and winds up slashing the couple in the faces.

Soon both warriors flew into the air and started to joust.

"You too?" asked the TSA agent.

"Never thought a foreigner would be interested in the secret art from the temple I used to trained in!" said Mark.

Mark then made a huge slash, creating a sharp air current which narrowly missed the agent and hits the onlookers instead. Why they're standing there I have no idea...idiots.

The agent wiped some of the blood off from the cut on his cheek, licked it, and then spat it out, resulting in a surprised reaction from Mark because apparently doing that makes you look bad ass for some reason.

"Impressive technique, but's time for this game to end!" the TSA agent declared.

Soon the agent's body started to emit a red aura, that's when the onlookers finally started to panic and ran.

Mark knowing what will happen next went on to emit an orange aura around his body and then each of them made a stance.

Few minutes later the airport blew up, killing everyone within a fifty mile radius...