There are dozens of them; possibly as much as a hundred. We're not quite sure though. They're in hiding, letting only those like them in on their secret. They have to protect the ones they love. If they didn't exist, you and I wouldn't exist. But there are ten of those numerous ones. Alone, they are useless; only their powers define who they are. Together, though…that's a whole other story. They are powerful, infinite. And together, they aren't going to let them be controlled, be taken. Together, they will escape.


Damon's eyes sprung open. He was breathing heavily, his face drenched in sweat. When he looked around himself, it took him a minute to remember where he was. Then he remembered; he was on the run, the only one to have escaped. He chuckled to himself slightly. Escape. The word seemed so…drastic. As if he had been in danger. His expression went back to the normal serious one he carried. He had been in danger. Nothing immediate, but he knew that sooner or later he would be concerned.

He sat up against the tree trunk he had found last night around two in the morning. It was the third place in a week he had been while running away. His backpack was the only thing he kept with him, containing a few changes of clothes, some toiletries, enough money to last him a few months, a U.S. map, a non-traceable phone he bought a few towns back, and a picture.

He sighed, reaching into his backpack. He pulled out the picture. There he was, smiling—probably one of the few times he had even posed for a photo—and there she was. She looked so young then, so innocent. Her auburn hair was pulled back in a messy bun, some strands falling out against her neck. What was she in the picture, ten? Eleven, maybe? This was before everything had changed, before their lives had completely turned upside down. And now, he knew his chances of seeing her again were slim to none. Of course, it was his only wish to find her and take her with him, but he knew it would be the biggest struggle of his life.

Damon was going to find his sister. It wasn't something he was going to toy with, the idea rolling in his head from time to time. He knew he had to go back for her someday. He had to save her.


A half hour later, Damon was on the road again. His hood was covering his face as he walked along the back road, his backpack slung over his shoulder. If he wanted to keep trailing away from them, he'd have to keep moving and fast.

At first, Damon didn't exactly know where he'd go. He didn't have a plan. All he knew was that he had to get out of that place and run. If he didn't, then everything he had lived for would be a lie. But on the third day, he had made up his mind. On his map he had searched high and low for a low-profile place to go to. Somewhere out of the state, of course, but it also had to be perfect. It couldn't be a place where he'd attract attention and it had to be somewhere they would never think to look for him. And that's when he decided on Willow Valley, Arizona. It was right on the border of Arizona and Nevada, so it'd be an easy trip to make starting from where they had kept him and the others in Bunkerville.

As he walked down the road, Damon began to plan out what would be his new life. He already had changed his last name back in the first spot he had stayed while escaping. He figured his age would be fine as long as he kept a low profile. While getting his phone, he had also stopped at one of the local libraries to look up schools. If he wanted to blend in, he'd have to do everything a normal eighteen year old would do. Although it was the middle of the first semester, he'd enroll as a senior at North Valley High. It was the largest public school in the town so he'd be able to go unseen for the most part.

Damon had his "background" figured out as well. He had grown up and lived in Portland, Maine all his life and his parents had sent him to live with his Uncle in Willow Valley because they did a lot of traveling due to work. He was an only child and wanted to major in Law at the local university in Willow Valley. He left a girlfriend named Jenny back in Portland and the break-up had been clean. His best friend's name was Thomas and they still kept in touch.

Damon started chuckling again. This was far from his true life. If only he could tell everyone what was really going on. But he couldn't. He didn't even know if he wanted to remember it. How could he forget though?

Just as he started going over how his life so drastically changed, Damon stopped. There was a small, almost inaudible yelp coming from behind him. Someone—something—was hurt. He cautiously turned around. No one was there. He listened again. A few seconds passed and he heard the cry again.

"What the hell?" Damon said to himself. He started walking in the direction of the yelp. It was coming from the side of the road. As he got closer, he noticed rustling in one of the various bushes alongside the road. He hesitantly stuck his hand out and pushed aside the branches. Lying on its back was a baby coyote. A large, thick thorn protruded through his top left paw, blood trickling down in the dirt. Just watching it made Damon want to cry. The animal was dying a slow, painful death.

Damon stretched his arm out over the coyote. "Alright, bud," he started. His eyes focused on the coyote's injured paw. "This'll just take a second."

Slowly at first, a yellow glow started to emit from Damon's hand. It made it's way towards the baby coyote who was now staring mesmerized into Damon's hand. Damon grunted slightly as he applied more pressure from his hand. Within seconds, the thorn started to pull itself out of the coyote's paw. When it was completely out, it vanished into thin air. Damon inhaled and then continued holding his hand over the coyote's paw. Ten seconds went by before the infected hole in the coyote closed itself up. Damon let out a deep breath, smirking at the suddenly giddy coyote.

"Better?" he muttered to it. It panted heavily, licked its paw quickly, and then took off through the brush and back to wherever it came from. Damon stood up and sighed as he went back on his way.


Sam grunted as she continued punching the punching bag repetitively. It had been about forty five minutes after she had gotten up that morning and things were going on just as they did every day; she woke up at six o'clock sharp, changed, and started working out. This would probably last another fifteen minutes or so. Then, she'd go eat some breakfast and report to the training room for her lessons.

"You keep hitting that hard and I'm going to have to watch my back around you." Someone whispered into her ear.

Sam grinned and turned around. Standing there was Eric, her boyfriend of three years. The two had met here when they first came. At first, Sam had hated him. He was always messing around, not taking any of the lessons seriously. And then one day, things just changed. Ever since, the two had been together. It was rare to not see them together at least once a day.

"I wouldn't worry too much." Sam teased him. She leaned up and gave him a quick kiss.

Eric put his hands in his pockets, looking at her. "You alright, today?" he asked her. His sudden teasing voice went away and a concerned one replaced it.

Sam's face dropped and she started to search for words. "I, um…what do you mean?" she said, turning back around to the punching bag. She held her fist back and threw it forward.

"You know what I mean, Sam," Eric started. "It's nothing to be ashamed of, you know." Sam ignored him, continuing to punch, this time with more venom in each throw. Eric moved around her so that she could see him. "Your brother left."

This time, Sam punched so hard she grimaced at the hit. Her face turned red as pulled it back slowly. Then, she glared at Eric. "Leave me alone, Eric." She told him.

"If you want to talk, Sam—,"

"Want to be my punching bag? 'Cause you're really asking for it."

Eric frowned and retreated. He walked around the punching bag. "See you, later." He mumbled under his breath as he walked away. Sam spun around, almost to call him back, but thought otherwise. She knew she shouldn't be so angry with Eric. She couldn't help though but snap at him. The past few days had been so hard on her. Every time she went to sleep, she couldn't help but wonder where Damon was. He was her kid brother to her, even though he was eighteen already. She was so worried about him.

Sam took one last swing at the punching bag and then stopped. She grabbed a towel and started blotting herself as she walked out of the gym. She passed a bunch of the others on her way back to her dorm room. They all seemed so happy, so normal. Didn't they know what had happened just nights before? One of them had left—escaped. It seemed like she was the only one who could remember that.

The door slammed behind her as Sam entered her room. It looked like her roommate, Gabby, had already left for her training session with Mitch.

Mitch was known as the Trainer. Ever since Sam had arrived here, Mitch had been the one to teach everyone everything. He may not have been able to do everything that the others could do, but he sure made it look like he did. No matter who you were or what you did, Mitch would help you. He'd train you to be the best and if you gave anything less than one hundred percent, he'd sure as hell call you out on it. Mitch's nickname was "Sergeant" because of how hard he was on everyone. Sam was one of the only ones who really knew his true side though. It was probably because her parents had told her.


Sam flinched at her name. Startled, she looked at the door which was now open. There she was. Her mother, Wendy Hartford. As always, she was dressed to perfection, although if you saw what she was capable of you'd never even remember what she was wearing.

"What?" Sam asked her quietly.

"Your father and I need to see you in our office; now." Wendy said, getting straight to business.

Sam looked around herself, almost flustered. She knew this couldn't be good. What was she supposed to say to her mom though, the woman who was such a leader—who could freeze you in your tracks with a blink of the eye?

"Alright, I'll be right there."

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