Just something I thought of in the shower last night. :D My greatest and best ideas are spawned under the showerhead, y'know! Hahahaha

What is something we all want,

Something amazing, something divine?

Something very attainable

Yet always so hard to find?

What is something we all seek,

Something tragic, burning, and fierce?

Passionate, imperfect,

And easily brings you to tears?

What is something random,

Painful in every way?

Something that can heal you

And brighten up your day?

What is something supportive

And deathly, one and all?

Sometimes can save you

But always makes you fall.

Contradicting, irrational,

Blind, strong, and free.

Mercilessly, it traps you

The way it has trapped me.

© Copyright 2011 by The Siege :D